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I'd love to learn to knit properly. I'd like to start with a hat and scarf for dd for this winter. Any ideas on where I could find a pattern?

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TigerFeet Sun 07-Sep-08 22:10:18

Title says it all really

I can cast on, cast off, knit and purl. I would love to be a proper knitter like my granny - she could turn out complex creations whilst simultaneously chatting, watching countdown and completing the crossword.

DD needs a hat for winter - preferably one with ear flaps. I do a mean pom pom. Could you wise crafty people point me in the direction of a pattern?


kikidee Sun 07-Sep-08 22:23:51

Hello, how old is your DD? I have just knitted my DD a cabled hat with ear flaps from a Zoe Mellor book. I requested the book from the library as it was the only thing in it that I wanted to knit. There's a photo here. It's the blue cabled one but it looks nicer in the book (and in real life). DD is 17 months and I did the small but there is a medium and a large.

TigerFeet Sun 07-Sep-08 22:27:25

She's 4 kikidee - do you think the large would be big enough? That link has some lovely stuff, exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for

kikidee Sun 07-Sep-08 22:39:19

I do think so. I just checked the pattern and you have an extra 24 stitches at the start for the large which would be approximately 10cm so I think large would be quite a lot bigger. Small is quite small - DD has a pea head - and I haven't tried it on her yet but it looks like it will fit. The Sublime book of children's DK is also good for that age. It's here.

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