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want to start sewing again need some advice tips help

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babyjjbaby Sat 06-Sep-08 18:04:29

i used to do sewing but haven't done any for ages just got my machine repaired and fancy doing some sewing maybe making a pram liner first off all where do u get nice fabric which isn't expensive and is there any simple instructions off the internet for me to look at

Miaou Sun 07-Sep-08 17:07:25

If you google whatever it is you want to make with "tutorial" after it, you will find there is almost certainly a tute out there! I googled "pram liner tutorial" and came up with this , not sure if that's what you are after!

Regarding fabric, there are others who would know better than me where are the good places to buy from - I'll put a shout out for them smile

babyjjbaby Sun 07-Sep-08 17:11:33

thanks will have a look on google later once lil man is in bed

moocowme Wed 10-Sep-08 21:24:49

i buy most of my specific fabric from ebay especially 100% cottons and the like. anything else usually from the local market but a lot of this tends to be polyester so i am more choosy.

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