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Help! Help! I've got to make a Roman Soldier's costume by Wednesday....

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Merlot Mon 21-Feb-05 11:23:59

I'm hopeless at sewing, my husband has already made an impressive full sized shield, but now my son has just told me he needs to dress up in full legionnaires costume on Wednesday. Tin foil and cardboard spring to mind, but has anyone done this already and could set me off on the right lines or has anyone got any great ideas?... I could really do with some. Thanks

Frizbe Mon 21-Feb-05 11:26:14

legionaires, am I thinking of the chaps with helmets with brushes on the top?

Merlot Mon 21-Feb-05 11:28:54

got it in one Frizbe! I did think of to a dustpan and brush

stickynote Mon 21-Feb-05 11:35:42

Very basic tunic. Chest and back plate made of cardboard and tin foil. Sandals. Don't know about the helmet, you might have to adapt a toyshop one (like the dustpan and brush idea )

Lonelymum Mon 21-Feb-05 11:38:06

You can buy a helmet and shield and sword very cheaply in toy shops. They seem quite popular these days. Sandals with strings. A long red t-shirt underneath for a tunic.

Frizbe Mon 21-Feb-05 11:38:23

sounds like a good idea to me girls!

Merlot Mon 21-Feb-05 11:46:12

thanks s. Kids who'd have em ay?

Merlot Mon 21-Feb-05 11:47:04

that was supposed to say thanks g1rls (this cybersitter software is a bit OTT!)

tarantula Mon 21-Feb-05 11:52:47

For the weapons make a spear (pole with cardboard/tinfoil on top). thatll look impressive. For the armour Id use one piece of card covered in foil for the front and one for the back and then a piece over each shoulder and tie up with string. large t-shirt (as already said for tunic) Helmet doesnt need to have brush on top think it depends on the date and the legion but sould have cheek panels.

Merlot Mon 21-Feb-05 12:03:18

Thanks for your ideas tarantula - dh keeps going on about the cheek panels too.

Marina Mon 21-Feb-05 13:20:56

Um, ds got given a fabulous legionnaire outfit from MATALAN for Christmas...I know the friend was on a tight budget so I don't think it cost too much. You can still use dh's shield

welshmum Mon 21-Feb-05 13:22:09

Just to cheer you up.....I remember my dad playing the part of a Roman soldier in a play - he had a colander strapped to his head ........

Merlot Mon 21-Feb-05 14:47:29

LOL - a colander covered in silver foil, that would be just the job, but what about those all important cheek flaps!!

I bet they've not got them at Matalan anymore?!

tarantula Mon 21-Feb-05 14:55:31

two pieces of card and some foil and string for the cheek flaps. (card string and foil is my solution to everything)

Alternatively send him in in a large t-shirt with a fork and one of those net bags you get oranges in and he can say he is a legionaire who has been captured, enslaved and trained up as a gladiator )

Merlot Mon 21-Feb-05 20:55:12

Roman Soldier helmet is now made and very fine it looks too .

One old dress-up Chinese Mandarin Hat (courtesy of our friend from Singapore)with the pigtail removed and with a babies bib stapled to the back to get authentic neck shield (plastic duck bill bib gives superb effect ), chinese meal plastic cartons cut into cheek flaps and the whole lot smothered in silver foil! Its just a shame that I've missed out on that new Blue Peter presenter job, ah shucks....

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