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Who was the photographer that did fantasy type portraits for children?

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pucca Sun 31-Aug-08 01:12:35

I have searched and searched, they had really unique gorgeous portraits of different children in their gallery, fairies, one was bluebell woods i think.

Anyone know? it is driving me mad, and i cannot find who it was, there was a thread on MN about it.

Thanks smile

Tidgypuds Sun 31-Aug-08 01:23:25

Was it Victor Trusch? He is in Preston Lancashire.

pucca Sun 31-Aug-08 01:28:04

No, i think it was a woman, having a look at Victor Trusch now, i live in Preston too, so thats a bit weird smile

RedHead81 Sun 31-Aug-08 01:37:35

like this?

pucca Sun 31-Aug-08 01:43:11

Redhead81... Yes exactly like that! smile

alipiggie Sun 31-Aug-08 02:03:59

Anne Geddes is the woman you're thinking of - don't know if that was the link. Children as flowers in fruit etc. Beautiful photos.a

pucca Sun 31-Aug-08 09:29:36

No definately not Anne Geddes, it wasn't cheesy it was really unique, it was a mumsnetter who linked to this website and it wasn't babies in fluffy bunny suits they were quite dark, gorgeous backgrounds.

It was very similar to what redhead just linked to.

jenniepanda Sun 31-Aug-08 22:50:08

how about this

solo Tue 02-Sep-08 23:29:39

Google McNeil Designs. He's in Hastings. My photo's are fab!

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