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Any Ideas??

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SarahHarris Fri 29-Aug-08 21:26:14

Would really love to do a weekly activity with ds. He is 14 months old and i feel he is slightly neglected compared to dd.

With dd attended swimming lessons, baby ballet and tumble tots. With ds, so far attended nothing.

Trawled the internet looking for something suitable, no such luck. Would like something crafty.

Any ideas?? Thanks

S1ur Sat 30-Aug-08 01:43:43

14 months is young for lots of craft with an actual end [eoduct in miond. It is more about the process at this age grin


playing with sand
finger painting (with some eating of paint)
Printing with paints - use cotton reels and sponges to splat paint about
Playdoh - make your own and squish it together and roll it and throw it (and eat it)
Make a musical instrument - put some things in other things and seal and shake (rice/pasta in a tub with a lid)

I think paid craft activities at this age would be a bit wasted, spend the time doing it together instead. MVHO.

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