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~~~Anyone that does glass painting? ~~~

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Rosebudz Fri 18-Feb-05 18:59:23

I can't seem to find anyone that does , but there must be someone!

Do you paint directly onto your mirror,window or whatever, or do you always do your design on the acetate, and when dry peel and place it then??

Does anyone know how to make the "paint"????,
I am really wondering if it is made from PVA glue, it smells so much the same, but what kind of paint would I use to colour it?? I imagine acrylic, but would that dry transparent or opaque?

At the mo' I have a small kit, with like just a few tea spoons of paint in each tube, it is not the permanent variety.

In fact we really have trouble getting any of the window/glass paints here in New Zealand, which is very annoying.


macwoozy Fri 18-Feb-05 19:09:35

I'm certainly no expert at glass painting, but I had a go once painting directly onto a window using the special glass paints bought from a local craft shop. I spent hours on my creation, went to have a shower several hours later, and the heat from the shower distorted my whole picture. Never again.

Rosebudz Fri 18-Feb-05 19:29:28

oh, bummer, yeah have to admit, anything we have made tends to slide down too, I guess this is why some have the acetate.

I tried to do the actual stained glass cutting craft but I couldn't master it at all...damn it, so thought I would do this, but its been a bit of a flop also!

Furball Fri 18-Feb-05 19:55:53

This any help?

JaysMum Fri 18-Feb-05 20:03:16

I use the docrafts glass paint and paint it direct onto the glass.....not had any problems....YET!!!!

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