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Where do you get your materials???

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Slink Fri 18-Feb-05 15:32:25

Hi i am lost went to Hobby craft and they are expensive .. i think can you give me some help,

Have looked down this site checking those places.

Slinky Fri 18-Feb-05 15:37:46

I get a lot of our Arts/Crafts stuff from Baker Ross -

I find them very good, delivery always reliable.

pedilia Fri 18-Feb-05 15:40:46

Anything in particular you are looking for ?

Yorkiegirl Fri 18-Feb-05 15:41:06

Message withdrawn

pedilia Fri 18-Feb-05 15:43:35 is good and a percentage can be given to your nursery/school.

Slink Fri 18-Feb-05 16:54:30

I want ideas to make invites to dd bday party mine too plus wedding material.

Very new at this i am quite creative just jave no idea were to start.

thanks for the advice though xx

Dior Fri 18-Feb-05 18:06:24

Message withdrawn

JaysMum Fri 18-Feb-05 20:05:06

Yellowmoon is the same company as Baker Ross....just a different name and set up!!!!!

There cards are cruddy....IMO.

Slink Fri 18-Feb-05 21:16:10

Well i am just playing around with some card (sounds good) and i think i am going to make little bags for her party invites, but thanks for all the info,

AuntyQuated Sat 19-Feb-05 20:02:28


sorry too knackered to do links

Dior Sat 19-Feb-05 20:04:54

Message withdrawn

Slink Sun 20-Feb-05 09:30:57

Thank you thank you

AuntyQuated Sun 20-Feb-05 19:22:10

do you think there may be some craft shops in France , slink???

Slink Sun 20-Feb-05 21:04:59

I have no idea i have never been to France????

Slink Sun 20-Feb-05 21:05:48

I AM sure they do, sorry signed off to early.

AuntyQuated Mon 21-Feb-05 10:18:46

oh, big sorries - i am cunfusing you with slinkY

alays thought you were the same person

Slink Mon 21-Feb-05 14:26:53

No, but your quite alright, i took it that you may have been from France oops

AuntyQuated Mon 21-Feb-05 14:28:01

am i the only one that thought you were the same person?

Slink Mon 21-Feb-05 14:43:30

Who knowS, i have seen that there is a slinky on MN, i have not been in a chat with her though... she is probably as lovely as me picking a name like that ...

BadHair Mon 21-Feb-05 15:01:04

Hi - I've used and baker ross. All but Mad About Cards cards are def. better quality than Baker Ross. Buy the plain card then just cut to fit rather than the expensive pre-cut aperture stuff, and I get (ssshhh) Asda Value envelopes as they're dirt cheap but just the right size.

Slink Mon 21-Feb-05 17:45:30

Yep already went to asda good to know i am not the only one. I want to make little bags any one got a tenplate?? no worries if not make just try my hand at it anyway.

AuntyQuated Mon 21-Feb-05 19:04:47

do you want bags that actually hold something or something to stick on in the shape of a bag?
i have the latter somewhere i thunk but you will need to CAT me then i can email it to you

Slink Wed 23-Feb-05 10:58:30

AQ I wanted to make a bag just to put an invite in for my dd's party, and also for invites to a hen night?? i'll try and cat you later

Dingle Wed 23-Feb-05 12:18:02

HOW CHEAP are those envelopes in ASDA please? What size are they too? Don't go there very often, do most of our shoping in Tesco's because it's nearby dd's SN nursery and SO much easier without kiddies in tow!
I tend to make my own cards, mainly A5, but use Craft Creations for most over things! I must put another order in as I need to re-new my subscription with them, any excuse to get more goodies!

aism Tue 15-Mar-05 21:15:01

Hey there,

I use this site - but I'm based in Dublin. They deliver to the UK though for euro 2.50 as well and are much cheaper than most UK sites. They have a good boy's card kit - will post on the other thread re. boys kits.


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