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If you were moulding bob the builder in sugar paste.....

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jojo76 Sun 24-Aug-08 22:13:38

How would you do the squares on his checked shirt? I'm making a bob cake, I think I can make bob, but the shirt is tricky. Would you paint them on, or make tiny orange squares to stick on a yellow shirt, which just seems too fidly? Or, would you do a yellow shirt and hope no one notices.....

gok Sun 24-Aug-08 22:14:57

Put him in a brown jumper and pretend its turned chilly

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 24-Aug-08 22:19:10

this is yellow all over

MingMingtheWonderPet Sun 24-Aug-08 22:22:08

Def yellow shirt,
nobody is going to notice and say, hey look that Bob has the wrong colour shirt on.
They will just be very impressed that you made the cake in the first place.
remember to post a piccie afterwards!

jojo76 Sun 24-Aug-08 22:39:44

OMG! Thanks for the replies, I fully expected people to read this and think "who cares??!!". You're right, MingMing, no one is going to comment, hadn't thought of it like that! I think i'm being so particular because Im being paid to make the cake shock , so want it to be PERFRET!! Gok, I could put him in a coat.....I think ds has a bob with a coat!!! Bald, did you make him? It's brilliant!!!
Will post a pic afterwards, as long as it's not crap...

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 24-Aug-08 22:43:01

No, not mine, I googled 'sugar paste bob the builder'


jojo76 Sun 24-Aug-08 22:44:56

Oh, hah, have been googling all evening, and never found anything helpful - thank you! smile

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