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juneybean Sun 24-Aug-08 15:47:53

Are there any reborners here?

I haven't trying dolling myself, but I have three dolls.

solo Mon 25-Aug-08 10:29:11

I'm not a reborner, but have looked at loads on ebay - not to buy, but just to look at the details etc. Some are really good, but others are just not 'right' iyswim.
Have you any pics of yours to show? what are their names?
I had hoped to sell some of my blankets to the makers to sell along with their reborns.

BlueberryBeret Mon 25-Aug-08 10:33:22

I think Misdee might be

juneybean Mon 25-Aug-08 16:31:42

Mine were bought about 4 years ago before all the more realistic faces came out.

I've only got pics of two of mine, and not very good quality ones at that, had to use my phone when I took them.

Jaime & Joseph

I must admit the ones they are creating these days are amazing, I don't know how they have the patience.

juneybean Mon 25-Aug-08 16:32:23

Sorry I'll make them clickable

solo Wed 27-Aug-08 01:32:29

They're lovely juneybean. Joseph is a cutie!

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