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Oh no! I can't find those old fashioned Caran D'Ache colouring pens anywhere

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FlightAttendent Sun 24-Aug-08 07:24:38

Ds has had the last of mine, left them around topless so to speak and they are all gorn. sad

Now I have been looking on line and can't find them in WH Smith or at a glance anywhere else - does anyone know a stockist before I spend the entire day on Google, please?!

Am talking about the ones that had thin white stripes on the barrel along with the colour.

I'm not sure if they were meant for adults of children but my Grandmother used to buy them for me, they came in a tin.

So grateful if anyone can point me at them!!!
smile (and yes, they are for me...)

SqueakyPop Sun 24-Aug-08 08:06:14

There are loads on ebay

Dazy Sun 24-Aug-08 08:21:13

I think caran d'ache make proper, grown up art stuff so you could try an art shop. I used to have a tin of their pencils that came from our independent shop.

FlightAttendent Sun 24-Aug-08 08:48:15

ooooh thankyou smile

I had not thort of ebay.
Will also try local art shop, you never know.

I think they might have changed the style of pen, their own site hasn't the old ones any more...end of an era! But quality should still be the same I expect.

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 24-Aug-08 08:51:34

woo,lookee here !

FlightAttendent Sun 24-Aug-08 08:59:50

Eek! MaryAnn I had you in mind when I posted, not sure why - Oh you are illustrator, non?

I looked at that link just now and when I cliked on drawing and sketching, it took me to this thread hmm

weird things going on

Thankyou though smile

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 24-Aug-08 09:02:48

that's spooky !!!
yes,I am an illustrator and used to use Caran D'Ache a lot at art school - they are fab..I used to like the Aquarelle water colour ones too.

FlightAttendent Sun 24-Aug-08 09:13:19

Ooh I had my Dad's old aquarello pencils, they were delightful - I think I still have them somewhere, well the ends of them anyway! smile

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