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Sewing Machine for a novice, all advice welcome!

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ScoutFinch Fri 22-Aug-08 16:54:12

I am a novice sewer after a machine that is simple and easy to understand, any ideas?

Oh and not too expensive!

I don't ask much do I?


ScoutFinch Fri 22-Aug-08 21:31:21


moocowme Sat 23-Aug-08 21:04:21

why don't you ask on freecycle if anyone has one? I often see a few in our area from time to time.

Not sure what to recomend as I have a Janome MC 9000 and its far from simple. I am please with Janome in genaral as they do a very good standard of machine.

best advice I have seen is at the stiches and craft show where all the major suppliers had demonstrations. you could find a local sewing machine shop and ask for advice.

i have found that most models that are not computerised are fairly easy to understand. the thing to look out for is that they do not have any internal plastic parts in the gears etc.

Romans8v30 Sun 24-Aug-08 09:19:43

I have a Janome too, I got mine from John Lewis and I got a free 1.5hr demo. The women there was lovely, she showed me everything that the machine could do, how to take it apart, clean it etc. And said if I ever had a problem to go in and see her.(She really meant it as Ive been back to see her) I only got my machine 1.5years ago but I love it, I find it very easy to use and I didnt think it was too expensive, I think it was about £160 or there abouts. HTH

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