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where can I buy a small quantity of buckrum from, cheaply

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nametaken Tue 05-Aug-08 16:51:15

I've been in 3 fabric shops in Cheltenham today but not one of them sells buckram. I only need a little bit.

Does anyone know any online sites I could buy it from?

Miaou Wed 06-Aug-08 18:26:01

this any good?

miamla Wed 06-Aug-08 18:55:18

how much do you need? if it really is a little bit i could post you a bit from my stash

nametaken Mon 11-Aug-08 14:34:26

Miamla, thanks so much for your kind offer but I do need a lot so I'm gonna buy some from that website Miaou linked too.

Thanks both smile

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