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Wedding Catds - Ideas Please

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gscrym Fri 11-Feb-05 11:27:07

I've got a couple of these to make for next week. Any suggestions, ideas or pictures would be very helpful.

JaysMum Fri 11-Feb-05 22:32:14

Have a look on the do-crafts site....they have lots of wedding options there.

AuntyQuated Sat 12-Feb-05 10:40:02

i ahve emailed you a photo of a card - looks simple but stunning

AuntyQuated Sat 12-Feb-05 10:42:12

have a look here too

i just googled handmade wedding cards - it comes up with loads

Moomin Sat 12-Feb-05 10:46:28

how well do you know the bride & groom? could you get hold of photos of them as kids? for our invitations we scanned in a photo of each of us as a baby and had little torn out pics of us overlaid on torn hand made paper (a bit like the style of some of the ones on Auntyquated's link)

Dior Sat 12-Feb-05 15:45:21

Message withdrawn

gscrym Sat 12-Feb-05 17:17:11

The trouble is, I don't know them that well. The bride and her family have known DH for years. I've met them a few times and they're lovely so would like to do a nice card. They're irish so was going to have a trot down the celtic route. I've got some celtic stamps so I think once I pack ds off to bed, I'll have a go.

Dior Sat 12-Feb-05 19:13:00

Message withdrawn

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