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Kids party advice - ceramic painting

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LIZS Tue 29-Jul-08 09:30:21

dd went to a party at a ceramic cafe where they painted plates and would like one similar. The two near us charge between £11 and £14.50 per head before food shock with a minimum number of 10.

Was thinking of doing one at home instead, painting a plate or cereal bowl, but what would I need ? Can you use any plain plates and ceramic paint ? Presumably these studios fire them afterwards is that necessary or can it be done in a domestic oven ? Would it really work out cheaper .

SwampsterHasAWarmFuzzy Tue 29-Jul-08 11:25:26

Here are some paints I haven't tried them in particular (just had them bookmarked because I'm thinking of it).

Baker Ross also do paints and pens here - and things to paint (or you could pick up plain bits and bobs from a charity shop).

The paints tend to be water soluble so good idea to dilute them a little as the tubs are so tiny.

Then (depending on the brand) you just have to bake finished products on low heat (generally 150 or 160) for about 90 minutes.

Fimbo Tue 29-Jul-08 11:34:32

Supplies here.

My dd has done the puffa fish at a ceramics cafe and it wasn't fired but turned out ok.

GillianLovesMarmite Tue 29-Jul-08 11:43:28

Tescos do a paint your own mug kit which you fire in the oven - and you can also buy similar from large craft shops. I'll see if I can find a link...

GillianLovesMarmite Tue 29-Jul-08 11:49:34

i couldn't find the tescos one, but there's a Hawkins Bazaare one here

I did some with my guide unit and I'm sure we got the things from Hobbycraft, but you could probably get the things cheaper online. They are fine once they have been fired in the oven - although I'm not sure they are dishwasher safe, but it should say on the instructions.

LIZS Tue 29-Jul-08 12:06:41

looks good thank you . Anyone used [[ these]] for supplies ?

LIZS Tue 29-Jul-08 12:07:01


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