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crafty help? Plaster of Paris drying times?

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flatmouse Sat 19-Jul-08 14:08:57

Left it to the last minute (as usual) to do dd pressie to teachers. We've coated two smallish plant pots with plaster of paris (on outside) and pressed shells into it. We did it at about 10:30am. I think it'll need a varnish. Do we think it'll be dry for the morning so we can varnish it then?
And then will the varnish dry by next day so she can take it into school?

I did one of these when a kid and my mother still has it 32 years later!!

They do look nice, i just hope it'll be dry.

Thanks for advice.

flatmouse Sat 19-Jul-08 14:55:16

hopeful bump? no one messed with this stuff? (and mess is the word i got it all over me)

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