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Happy children - Happy mum

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SPARKLER1 Sun 06-Feb-05 09:32:37

My two dds are never happy with the toys, dvds, garden. Always bored, always arguing. They are sat at the table now with glue, toilet roll tubes, empty cereal boxes, glitter, kitchen foil and everything else I've managed to get out of my kitchen. They are as happy as Larry.
Ahhhh peace at last!
So far I have a "hair-clip holder" and a "tin can that has been looked after very well?????"
Bless 'em.

fredtbad Sun 06-Feb-05 09:40:52

Mine are the same actually. Pots and wooden spoon to bang for Ds and anything gluey, painty, cutty for Dd. Makes you wonder why we spend so much on toys.

SPARKLER1 Sun 06-Feb-05 09:55:37

Great isn't it?

Satine Sun 06-Feb-05 09:56:35

ELC do a box of googly eyes, monster arms, duck feet etc which you stick into play dough to make monsters. It only costs £5, including the play dough, and it keeps my ds happy for ages!!

SeaShells Sun 06-Feb-05 10:13:24

Yes my DS and DD are only happy when they are making a mess... I mean masterpieces!

SPARKLER1 Sun 06-Feb-05 17:52:56

Yep - we have a pile of "masterpieces" here now. Shall get them off to bed soon and then slip their hard work into the bin. What a nasty mum I am!

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