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cranium mega fort in Tesco

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hermionegrangerat34 Wed 16-Jul-08 19:16:58

I've just been panicking about what to buy my 7 year old ds for his birthday - and we went to Tesco, where we saw a Cranium mega fort building kit (you make your own playhouses in all sorts of shapes). It was advertised as a special offer at £31.93, which seemed reasonable, so we got it. Anyway, it went through the till at £19.99!! Just thought I'd share that with you all as it seemed amazing value and looks like a brilliant toy.

jenplus2 Mon 11-Aug-08 12:06:06

I can confirm the *CRANUIM MEGA FORT* is a superb buy and great value too.
My 4yr old received one for his birthday and it has been a brilliant game especially as the weather is soooo poor at the moment.
We builda nd then rebuild new exciting tents, dens, hide aways and he spends hours in there playing.
A great one to teach logic maths all sorts of things through play.
Word of is big!! You need a large room if using indoors, weather permitting its a great garden toy too.

Grublin Mon 11-Aug-08 12:07:37

It has been on sale in Tesco at £19.99 for the past couple of weeks grin
I've got one in for my DS2's birthday which is next week

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