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How do I learn t knit?? please help..

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jemimap Sun 13-Jul-08 11:19:14

I would love to learn but am a total beginner.. can anyone recommend any books or any other way of learning from scratch... I'm extremely impatient and will only stick to it if I can produce a half decent cardigan for my 3 children in a short period of time!!! Otherwise... does anyone want to knit me the cardi's and ill pay!!

princessofpower Sun 13-Jul-08 17:04:22

Message withdrawn

suwoo Sun 13-Jul-08 17:26:25

I have just taught myself to knit using various websites. I have just done excessive googling of 'learn to knit' 'how to knit' 'how to cast on' etc and there have been loads of websites with photographs that have helped me get started.

SqueakyPop Sun 13-Jul-08 17:29:22

Use double knitting or larger to get started, and only make something small.

Do you know anyone who could show you and sit with you? That is the very best way.

I'm sure the websites are fine. The old-fashioned Golden Hands books were great.

BellaBear Sun 13-Jul-08 17:30:02

I second the website - really good

i started knitting with a debbie bliss book - but I think there are better ways to start as her designs tend to be in babycashmerino which knits up small (and so takes longer) although it is gorgeous.

Why not join - there are plenty of patterns and yarns you could browse, and you could probably find a local knitting group with someone who would give you a helping hand.

belgo Sun 13-Jul-08 17:32:13

start with a scarf or a dolly's blanket -something very simple (and useful) just to practise the stitches before you attempt a cardigan.

cazzybabs Mon 14-Jul-08 12:13:23

I bought the Debbie bliss simple baby knit book and with abit of help from websites and my mum I am up to knitting a jumper = although I have had a bit of nightmare with the baby playing with the wool and it getting a bit knot that I couldn't undo.

Maybe we could have a learning to knit thread where we can sympthise about dropped stiches etc.

DutchOma Mon 14-Jul-08 12:55:48

Impatience and learning to knit are not good bed fellows. How old are your children? I like to knit for people and may have a bit of spare time in a wee while.
But knitting is very worthwhile and you could maybe learn to knit while I do the first few cardigans for you?

DutchOma Mon 14-Jul-08 12:58:17

Also BellaBear's suggestion of Ravelry is very good.
One of our Northants Ravelry members taught a colleague to knit from scratch for the Oxfam blanket to highlight maternal mortality and I have her square here.

oggsfrog Mon 14-Jul-08 19:33:11

I'm teaching myself to knit at the moment and my favourite books are Stitch 'n Bitch and Knitting Patterns for Dummies.

BellaBear Tue 15-Jul-08 07:02:25

Wow, Dutchoma is a supercool knitter! Take her up on the offer!

Pruners Tue 15-Jul-08 08:11:31

Message withdrawn

Pruners Tue 15-Jul-08 08:12:40

Message withdrawn

southeastastra Tue 15-Jul-08 08:17:09

i brought a patons monkey kit, it's great and had alot of help on here. must pick it up again though!

DutchOma Tue 15-Jul-08 08:41:24

Thank you BellaBear. I hope she does

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