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How do I download a pic to put on a Birthday invite??

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alfielooloo Thu 10-Jul-08 15:00:47

I have found some great Hello Kitty pics but don't seem to be able to get them to print angry Is there an easy way of doing it? I should have bought some really but told DD we would make them ourselves, party is in 9 days time, think I'd better get a move onblush


southeastastra Thu 10-Jul-08 17:05:57

right click then copy and paste onto a word doc

alfielooloo Thu 10-Jul-08 17:30:03

Have done that & it's worked, only thing is, the pic is really small, how do I increase the size please hmm ???

alfielooloo Thu 10-Jul-08 17:44:28

I have done it, easy when you kn ow how!

Thank you southsea smile

southeastastra Thu 10-Jul-08 18:15:43

ah good! hope she has a nice party

alfielooloo Thu 10-Jul-08 20:58:11

Thank you!

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