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how do you test your jewellery to make sure its strong enough?

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milknosugar Wed 09-Jul-08 17:20:23

have made a few peices and given them a tug to check they wont break. but then thought i should tug harder, so i do. after quite a lot of tugging they break (obviously). and then i think well if i hadnt pulled it (and i wouldnt do that to something i bought) it wouldnt be broken. so what do you do? especially if you give it to someone else, i dont want them to think its rubbish, but i dont know if they will tug it to check. if im being ridiculous i would appreciate it if you would be honest grin

Whizzz Wed 09-Jul-08 17:26:30

I'm not sure what type of things you are making, but I always make sure I buy good quality findings - then if you are making loops & connecting fastens, they should be fine under normal wearing.
If I am making something 'out of the ordinary' I tend to make one for me first & wear it to see how it stands up!

moonmother Wed 09-Jul-08 17:29:16

I also 'roadtest' sample designs before I make more.
And as Whizz says good quality materials shouldnt break so easily.

milknosugar Wed 09-Jul-08 17:31:16

well the necklace i broke today it was the crimp on the end of the cord that went. under normal wear it was fine, i wore it all day, got it stuck in my hair and got it out ok but when you really yank it the crimp comes off the end. i seem to have some sort of paranoia about crimps, im also worried if i use a clamshell ending with a crimp to keep it on a wire it will break because i can tug crimps off if i really try. i am starting to sound ridiculous to myself now

so normal wearing is ok then, you dont so any major testing on your stuff? i know your stuff is lovely so i appreciate your comments!

Whizzz Wed 09-Jul-08 17:37:43

No I don't test to destruction grin
I think if you tugged any jewellery hard enough it will break. If you haven't got any, crimping pliers make a nice neat job & I think help the crimps to stay put

moonmother Wed 09-Jul-08 17:38:29

I don't use crimps much as I'm mainly into wire work,but if i do use crimps I use crimps,crimp covers and wire guardians ,so then I don't have to use clamshells/calottes.So then to attach a clasp all I need to use is a jump ring.

I find these alot more secure.

I get mine from here ,they're very good price wise and very quick delivery.;jsessionid=154874e84ae6c81/shopdata/index.shopsc ript

Just put in a search for crimps,crimp covers and wire guardians and they should come up.

Hope that helps

milknosugar Wed 09-Jul-08 17:48:36

well that makes me feel better i had a look round accessorize sale today and was v tempted to try puling a few of the clasps but didnt think they would appreciate it

have been using two pliers to bend the crimp and reflatten, they are really quite strong but i cant seem to leave them alone!

have used beadservice before mm, they are very good. have bent stuff without a wire guardian and then crimped it into place, it has held well under normal use. have tried a few different findings, not sure which i prefer yet. will give the guardians a go when i order something next, gives me an excuse to buy a few more beads


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