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What craft bits should I buy for a 5yo girl?

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cornflakegirl Wed 09-Jul-08 15:53:10

My friend’s DD is turning 5 soon. She loves doing crafty things – she was at my house recently and spent the whole afternoon making pictures and cards. My DS and her little sister are a couple of years younger, and still at the “as many foam shapes, stickers and googly eyes as can be physically fitted on the paper” stage. But she is a lot more discerning. She also like a lot of choice – she kept rifling the craft box, looking for every last different thing she could use!

I’d like to get her some craft bits for her birthday – some more grown-up stuff that is just for her. I’m thinking sticky gems, shiny card, metallic letters. Any suggestions for some really nice stuff? (She is a pink, girly, princess type.)

littlerach Wed 09-Jul-08 15:57:02

You could either buy her a set that she can particular htinmgs form, like a crown, cards kind of thing, or just general stuff.

Dd1 likes A5 card, glue, sequins, glitter, you name it.

stealthsquiggle Wed 09-Jul-08 16:00:37

Search bargain stationery shops and/or cheap book shops - you can get some really good value kits which actually work out better than the bits bought separately. Also - IME, 5yo girls love boxes to put things in, so a kit that comes in a box with lots of drawers/compartments would be soooooo cool.

cornflakegirl Wed 09-Jul-08 16:08:31

A box sounds like a really good idea!

Sequins sound good. I'm thinking not glitter, on the grounds on being such a pita to clear up!

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