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Costume help - history experts?

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Ameriscot2005 Wed 02-Feb-05 16:35:20

I'm making a costume for DS's school play - The Pepys' Show, about the Great Fire of London.

I've bought a paper pattern from Simplicity's Renaissance range, so I should be OK there. The question I have is there a specific colour I should be using for the pantaloons and waistcoat. He is going to be playing the baker. I am drawn towards using dark brown or something similarly boring, but I was wondering if this would be authentic. Can I get away with brighter colours?

Thanks for any help - Google useless for this one

iota Wed 02-Feb-05 17:39:50

here's a link showing colours available in Elizabethan (16C) times, so should be relevant for 17C too.

Remember that dye was expensive so poor people couldn't afford it. I used to do the Sealed Knot, so have made a few costumes in my time


iota Wed 02-Feb-05 17:49:53

and a load of blurb here

Ameriscot2005 Wed 02-Feb-05 18:49:10

Thanks for these links, Iota, they are very helpful.

I will probably make the breeches either blue or green (from one of those palettes), depending on what our local (tiny) fabric shop has.

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