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Cardmakers - do you fancy a challenge?

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AuntyQuated Tue 01-Feb-05 20:49:48

All you have to do is make a card, then post the materials that you used to make the card to the next person and see what they come up with. We will then post up the results to see what different cards we made.

If you use a stamped mage then you would have to send your stamoed image too, but if you used some special paper to cut out a number 8 for instance you wouldn't send the cut-out, just the paper of the same size you used.

Anyway if you would like to join then please email me your address and on the 11th/12th February I will email you the address of the person that you are to send your goodies to. All goodies must be received by the end of February. Then we can post the results mid-March.

shout up if you have any questions.


kkgirl Tue 01-Feb-05 21:44:08

I like the idea, but am new to cardmaking, and not very good.I am going to a class next week to learn the basics, so will see how I get on.
Its a good idea, and there are plenty of MNers who will be good at it.

AuntyQuated Wed 02-Feb-05 10:47:40

you will be fine. you do not need to be anywhere near an expert. it is just a bit of fun.

Dingle Wed 02-Feb-05 11:44:55

OK AQ, you have twisted my arm!!
I have about 10 cards to make over the next few days, but after that I should be OK!

Need a rather large kick up the backside to get motivated-might be just what I need!

Do you still have my postal address AQ, or shall I email it to you again?

layla Wed 02-Feb-05 12:25:22

Hi,I'd love to join in, sounds like fun.

I nearly bouught a scrap book magazine today.I want to make one for my Mum.I've never done one before but a friend told me it's like making a big card so it souunds good to me.

MissUnderstood2 Wed 02-Feb-05 12:28:29

Hi I've just found this site (first post!)
Sounds like a great idea can I join?

JaysMum Wed 02-Feb-05 19:02:24

Im up for it....will CAT you my address.

gscrym Thu 03-Feb-05 08:19:41

Me too.

AuntyQuated Thu 03-Feb-05 11:02:45

so we have


then hopefully some others before next week.

JuA Thu 03-Feb-05 19:53:39

Hi sounds like good fun! Please add me to the list.
Do you still have my address?

AuntyQuated Fri 04-Feb-05 12:14:44

i will need to seek out the addresses, will let you know.

i got your CAT jaysmum, thnaks

kkgirl Sat 05-Feb-05 22:35:18


I'm quite nervous about it, and whoever gets me, I am new to cardmaking, so mine won't be very good, but here goes.

Yes, I'll do it too.

champs Mon 07-Feb-05 17:24:35

AQ-- ty for the invite. I am quite interested in this only thing is after a few incidents I am getting more and more weary about my address given to people, could we do a slight variation where each time someone makes a card with their choice of items, we then get these items, make a card and then post the results??
If not a good idea please dont feel a way to sat so!!
The downside that I can think of is that we would have to spend money buying the stuff....

AuntyQuated Mon 07-Feb-05 18:39:42

champs, you can use me as the go-between if you like. you must have my address somewqhere and vice versa

AuntyQuated Mon 07-Feb-05 18:40:06

where are you?

Dior Mon 07-Feb-05 19:26:37

Message withdrawn

champs Mon 07-Feb-05 19:37:09

oooo, did think that but didn't want to sound presumptious(sp)
count me in then please

champs Mon 07-Feb-05 19:38:48

erm.... a bit confusde actually, did you mean post cards out or online??

Dingle Mon 07-Feb-05 19:43:57

I took it that we post the materials used (by mail) then post online a picture of the finished articles!!! But perhaps I am wrong!

champs Mon 07-Feb-05 20:07:54

thats what i thought dingle

AuntyQuated Mon 07-Feb-05 20:25:30

you make one card which you keep
you send the materials used to your partner(or me) who then uses EVERYTHING supplied to make a card
then you post (as in display) your original card and the one you made with your goodies on the internet (don't know exactly where yet

dior - would you like to join in?

Dior Tue 08-Feb-05 21:10:02

Message withdrawn

Dingle Wed 09-Feb-05 11:26:23

Thanks for this AQ, sounds like fun!

Is there any sort of theme to the card you make or is just anything you choose!!!

Did you make that retirement card AQ?? What did you end up doing?

AuntyQuated Wed 09-Feb-05 13:36:16

hi dingle

waht do you think would be best? open or themed. was thinking of just leaving it open but am open to suggestions.

haven't done anyhting about the reirement card; still waiting for inspiration!

i will email everyone tomorrow about the challenge and hopefully pass on some addresses.

AuntyQuated Fri 11-Feb-05 16:29:55

kkgirl and missunderstood2 - could you CAT me your addresses then i can email evereyone the details.
everyone else - i have emailed you.

think it would be best if we stuck to birthday cards; we can always use them.

could you also let me know if you are able to use eyelets/brads? then i can pair you up appropriately



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