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cbeebies birthday cards

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lowcalCOD Sun 30-Jan-05 16:38:41

ok you crafty lot. how many of you have ever got your kid on the birthday bit?

trefusis Sun 30-Jan-05 16:47:47

Message withdrawn

Juliehafrancis Sun 30-Jan-05 16:52:20

Have made two - First one was a teletubbies one for Dd's first birthday and we made a Boo! one for her second birthday. Both have got on luckily...alhtough not sure why as they wern't very good. I think it depends on how many they have and they don't seem to have many on my little girls birthday!

Clayhead Sun 30-Jan-05 17:57:50

Did 3, one for ds (shown), 2 for dd (not shown)

madgirl Sun 30-Jan-05 18:02:07

anyone got inside track on what makes a card get on?? i can't bear to do it in case mine doesn't maybe easier on milkshake tho that would mean having to watch all the ads as well

Dior Mon 31-Jan-05 13:25:02

Message withdrawn

jampots Mon 31-Jan-05 13:45:48

when my dd and my friend's ds were 1 (same birthday) we made a joint card for them with Pingu on the front fishing and when you pulled the string at the back of the card, dd and her ds's photo came out on a fish from the hole in the card. It wasnt read out but it was in the background. From recollection we thought the 2/3 yo's got their cards read out as they would recognise themselves - also interactive cards are more fun too

chocfreeclary Mon 31-Jan-05 15:31:29

I've had both DS1 and DD on channel 5. DS1's was 2 yrs ago when he was 4, did a card with big pic of noddy (printed off internet and painted in by me) plus big letetrs printed out off computer and painted.
DD (last yr, she was 3) was similar sort of thing but pic was of Hi 5 i think.
Send one in for DS1 to CBeebies when he was 3, fantastic lift-up pic of Bob with head the revealed DS1 (you know the kind of thing) and then watched/taped all day only to see NO b/day cards!! wrote to complain and they said it was because it was a Sunday ffs! so Channel 5, ads and all, get smy vote now.
But keep cards simple then it's not so traumatic if it's not shown. Do complex lift-flap/cut out ones for kids at home instead.
Reckon DS1 and DD have had their go now, will just aim to get DS2 on this yr or maybe next....

Juliehafrancis Mon 31-Jan-05 22:34:09

As I have posted in a similiar thread I have done two for my little girl. I did a teletubbies one for her first birthday and a Boo! one for her second. If you want to take a peek they are here

I don't think they are very good so can't really tell you why they got in.. I think it's just because they didn't have many children's birthdays on that day. Especially as she was born on Friday 13th!!!!!

Gobbledigook Mon 31-Jan-05 22:40:57

Wanna see! Need your password!

Juliehafrancis Mon 31-Jan-05 22:44:46

Ooops sorry! (DOH!) Password is orlando

Jules x

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