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Creative things to do with a Pringles tin

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crouchingtigeress Sun 30-Jan-05 15:12:43

I have a newly acquired bumper crafts box and an empty Pringles tin, does anyone have any ideas for something lovely to make with an 18 month old.

Plus I've managed to smudge a rather large dollop of BRIGHT RED playdough, on the carpet - does anyone have any tips for removal.

Thanking you in advance

crouchingtigeress Sun 30-Jan-05 15:24:31

Also (not an arts/crafts question but does anyone know how to stop a door from creaking.

It's so bad it wakes the little one up.

thanks again

Snugs Sun 30-Jan-05 15:49:49

Pringles tin - cover in coloured paper and decorate. Fill with pieces of uncooked pasta and replace lid. Seal with tape. Lovely noisy music maker.

Door - depends whats making it creak. Check the hinges. Often it can be that the door is dropping on the hinges and the central pin is lifting out. If so, support the door slightly whilst you knock the pins back in.


crouchingtigeress Sun 30-Jan-05 21:54:12

That is a nice and easy idea.
I wish I had read it before I stuck a hole in the bottom and TRIED to push a wooden spoon up and down, as a make shift puppet.

I shall shall try your door tip as well, thank you very much, Snugs.

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