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Inspiration needed for a budding fashionista

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keevamum Mon 23-Jun-08 21:49:23

My DD is 8 at the end of July. She is desperate for a fashion designer party where her and 10 friends make/design or alter clothes. I found a company on the internet but really can't afford it, so I thought I'd have a go at something myself but am not the most creative person on earth. What do you think would be the simplest and most entertaining things to do? My ideas so far are fabric pens and cheap white t-shirts, iron on transfers but they choose and design their top first or a batik design and dyeing their tops after. I am a bit at a loss really she would love something like this but am a little unsure what my skills would be able to cope with? Any suggestions would be very very gratefully received.

jeangenie Tue 24-Jun-08 10:43:56

make and decorate bags I did this with a bunch of 8 yos and they loved it

hats not sure if you need to buy the embellishments separately


shoulder bags

you get the idea - look through baker ross fabric craft section - the things come in sets, are generally good value and as long as you get plenty of stuff to decorate with the kids can make them as compliated as they like

have fun

keevamum Tue 24-Jun-08 18:26:12

Thanks these look great will definitely do the hats and purses.

Lola234 Mon 14-Jul-08 14:43:03

Message deleted

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