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lost my foot pedal - what do I do?

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motherpeculiar Thu 27-Jan-05 15:13:30

I have somehow managed to lose the foot pedal for my Janome sewing machine. I phoned one company to try to source a replacement and they quoted me 49.95 the machine itself didn't cost much more than twice that.

Anyone have any ideas where I might pick one up more cheaply? It's a Janome 1822 ( would all Janome pedals fit do you think?, or all sewing mc pedals for that matter?)

thanks to any sewing machine experts out there - I am a complete novice

motherpeculiar Thu 27-Jan-05 18:25:26

anyone got any ideas at all?

sparklymieow Thu 27-Jan-05 18:29:34


bran Thu 27-Jan-05 18:32:41

I imagine that foot-pedals would be inter-changeable for the same brand of machine. I'll have a quick look when I get home as I have a Janome and a New Home (which is made by Janome). Have you had a look on ebay? You never know, people have sold stranger things there.

Actually, I just had a look on ebay and no-body is. Have you checked out companies that sell re-conditioned sewing machines?

ks Thu 27-Jan-05 18:33:42

Message withdrawn

ks Thu 27-Jan-05 18:38:01

Message withdrawn

Miaou Thu 27-Jan-05 18:38:16

I lost mine when moving house once - it cost me £40 to replace - never realised they were so expensive! That reminds me - must tape everything up together so it doesn't go missing when we move tomorrow!

motherpeculiar Thu 27-Jan-05 19:22:44

thanks guys

had checked ebay but couldn't find anything. Can't believe how expensive they are. Will try the southall places, cheers KS.

Let me know what you find Bran.

Good luck with the move tomorrow Miaou, keep tight tabs on your machine parts!

I really don't understand how I've lost this - bet I find it the minute I cough up £50 for a new one

Yurtgirl Thu 27-Jan-05 19:28:57

Message withdrawn

motherpeculiar Thu 27-Jan-05 19:35:04

yurtgirl, it'd take more than this to drive me to a full spring clean I'm afraid

Yurtgirl Thu 27-Jan-05 19:38:55

Message withdrawn

bran Thu 27-Jan-05 19:50:45

I'll have to check later I'm afraid MP, dh is having a board meeting around the dining table, so I can't get at one of my machines at the moment. Is the suspense getting to you?

motherpeculiar Thu 27-Jan-05 19:52:49

TONNES of precisely foot pedal shaped hidey holes I'm afraid - most of which I have already been into already - it would take months to go through them all and db2 is due end of March - I NEED to get some sewing finished before then

bye bye £50

bran Thu 27-Jan-05 19:58:38

If you're around London MP and if the pedals are interchangeable, I could lend you one of mine for a couple of months if you like. I couldn't give it to you because sometimes I have one of the machine set up for sewing and one for quilting (it saves a lot of effort changing feet and needles etc), but I won't be quilting anything for at least a few months so I wouldn't miss it. Your lost one is bound to turn up eventually, afterall it's not something that you accidently put in your coat pocket and then lose outside the house is it?

Yurtgirl Thu 27-Jan-05 19:58:46

Message withdrawn

bran Thu 27-Jan-05 21:48:26

Sorry MP, I have to withdraw my offer as the foot pedal isn't transferable between my two machines so I can't lend you one of them. I'll keep my thinking hat on and see if I can come up with another solution.

motherpeculiar Thu 27-Jan-05 22:28:37

No problem Bran - that was a very kind offer anyway and thanks for the thought

Yurtgirl - your DH sounds very useful indeed - will bear his comments in mind and see if I can't track something down. Thanks again

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