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Dolls' Houses

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CathB2 Wed 26-Jan-05 11:05:58

Is anyone else into Dolls houses? I am currently building one (since I was on maternity leave with DD2 - now aged 2 ) I have got stuck on drilling holes for lighting and sawing bits of skirting board. Bought de luxe kit for heirloom purposes, big mistake...

As a little girl I always wanted one and used to make them with shoe boxes (easier than drilling!!). I then did one in installments from a weekly magazine, which was never very sturdy and is currently in the shed.

I would be fascinated to know if any of the rest of you share this interest.

motherpeculiar Thu 27-Jan-05 15:09:38

we bought one from ELC for DD for Xmas, all we had to do was put it all together and paint it but it was great fun. Sad to say I sometimes go in there and tidy it all up, change the furniture around and put the dollies to bed etc (should really have used an alias for this admission ). It gives me a lot of satisfaction and is much easier than tidying the real house - which I'm then happy to leave as a real mess!

was in Paris just before Xmas and some of the toy shops over there have THE most amazing range of stuff for doll's houses - there are obviously a lot of French enthusiasts for your hobby

Yurtgirl Fri 28-Jan-05 19:30:28

Message withdrawn

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