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weekly challenge, but more chatting tbh - part 5!

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lucykate Tue 17-Jun-08 23:59:38

ready, steady, go...!

mistypeaks Wed 18-Jun-08 07:03:31

Just making it stick on my threads smile (I'm lazy).

meridian Wed 18-Jun-08 07:21:00

morning ladies... grizzel grumble... too early.. DS keeps waking betwwn 5:15 and 5:30... to early.. one tidgy cup of coffee is not enough...

have ltos to do today and not alot of time... the lady at the framing gallery has asked me to bring in 5 bracelets and 5 necklaces on friday, so I need to look through what I have... and sort out buisness cards.. DH has given up on me... and I have no toggles what so ever so have to order some more sharpish... oh dear oh dear...

need more COFFEEE!!!!!!!!!

meridian Wed 18-Jun-08 07:54:37

<jaw drops> lookie lookie I'm on cuteable

that has improved my mood this morning!

dizzyday07 Wed 18-Jun-08 08:04:25

This is very O/T but I'm so excited I just have to tell you all - I'm an Auntie!! [grim]

My youngest sister gave birth to ALICE HOPE at 0345 this morning weighing 6lb 10oz.

Off now to make some bunting to match the nursery set I made for her

mistypeaks Wed 18-Jun-08 08:18:29

Congrats Meri - told you the page pics were fab.
Congrats Dizzy - About the same weight as my girls were. (Oh how I long to cuddle/hold/smell something that size again). Beautiful name as well.

jeangenie Wed 18-Jun-08 08:42:49

congrats Meri - that's brilliant!

congrats Dizzy too - excellent - beautiful name! I love your log cabin house on flickr too

Oh meri - I got a weird blank email from you today saying "please reply" in teh title but totally blank - I didn't reply as it was too odd and I am paranoid about viruses - but you might want to investigate. It seemed to be sent to a number of folk in your address book.

meridian Wed 18-Jun-08 09:22:00

dizzy-- congrats on being an auntie! pretty name too...

jg- it was only one of those meme things that I filled out and e-mailed a few people randomly in my address book... I don't know why it sent it out blank to you very odd...sorry about that..

I really should be doing something useful.. loads of laundry needs doing, and the floor is well I'm not really sure where it is at the moment there is so much dirt rubbish and fluff everywhere...

Dior Wed 18-Jun-08 09:40:21

Message withdrawn

Nbg Wed 18-Jun-08 10:02:44

Found you all.
Congratulations Auntie Dizzy grin

The log cabin is lovely too.

Congrats to Meri too!
Celebrations at chez Meri then.
The chocolate muffins look lush grin

Looking forward to your pics Miaou.

I need to do some tidying today, collect 2 parcels from the PO (why do they deliver at ridiculously early times?), one of which is a 1 kilo bag of stuffing and I need that to finish off my dolls.
The other parcel must be one of my swaps grin
I also have to price up a couple of holidays to Val D'isere and Schladming for Easter to go snowboarding.
BIL and SIL want to come with us but SIL starts her fertility treatment in 2 weeks and if this works she'll be almost due by Easter so not really sure what to do about that one grin

I've also managed to freecycle our spare double bed so that went yesterday and 3 huge bags of curtains are going on Friday, so hopefully we can move dd into her new room, ds1 into his new room and ds2 into his every own first room!
Although the prospect of going backwards and forwards to settle him everynight isnt great hmm

Have babbled on again.

jeangenie Wed 18-Jun-08 10:17:15

happy babbling nbg smile - I need to freecycle a double mattress and get it out of our bedroom

Meri - was just me being stupid actually - I scrolled down and saw the meme - sorry if I panicked you!

meridian Wed 18-Jun-08 10:32:47

thank you!!

I have jsut ordered some mini cards from moo ... and a sticker book too.. obviously they wont be here in time for friday to part with some jewellery to the jewellery shop but I will have to print out something and wing it...
and I couldn't not order some stickers made form my paintings and such... we shall see what happens then... at least its a job done... I need to order toggles and beads.. but am a bit out of pocket at the moment... wonder homw much trouble I will get in if I order some stuff on the credit card and not jsut my pathetic almost empty little pay pal account.. hmm

Dior Wed 18-Jun-08 10:34:03

Message withdrawn

meridian Wed 18-Jun-08 10:41:23

dior- which ones? I order some from etsy... and some of the simple round plated ones from beads direct its a whole sale sight, but as our house is small i don't have alot of room for my crafts so can't order loads of things... sad ... on etsy i order whatever takes my fancy but have used a few of the same ladies again and again.. like bobbithisnthat .. she has lots of lovely gemstone beads that I order from... what about you?

mistypeaks Wed 18-Jun-08 10:54:53

Meri - angry grr. That moo site is just too cool. Now I'm going to be ordering stuff from them.

Dior Wed 18-Jun-08 11:44:23

Message withdrawn

Miaou Wed 18-Jun-08 12:39:35

Hello folks, just dipping in so that this thread is on my radar. No crafting done yet today hmm - just managed to tidy out all the boys' outgrown clothes, that's it!

vInTaGeVioLeT Wed 18-Jun-08 13:29:41

hi everyone no crafting just want thread on my list!!!
congratulations meri and aunty dizzy - wow alice hope is a great name it sounds "famous" grin

dizzyday07 Wed 18-Jun-08 13:40:14

VV - especially when you add on her surname Glen-Barron

(My sister double barrelled her own name (Glen) when she got married as we are 3 girls and she wanted to keep our late dad's family name going - I gave his christian name to my DS as a middle name (Niven))

vInTaGeVioLeT Wed 18-Jun-08 15:43:19

Message withdrawn

vInTaGeVioLeT Wed 18-Jun-08 15:44:20

blush how very ungratefull perhaps i should retract that message. . . .

Whizzz Wed 18-Jun-08 16:01:41

Hi people. Not done anything of note recently apart from course work (boooooo). Can I just say that all the lovely pics of cute fabrics & stuff make me want to take up sewing!! (but I can't inflict another hobby on DH as he's very patient with having beads everywhere around the house!)

Nbg Wed 18-Jun-08 16:54:37

What on earth did you say Vintage? grin

I've done bugger all.
I've caught the holiday bug and now trying to book a beach holiday now grin

dizzyday07 Wed 18-Jun-08 17:21:47

VV - that's always my worry (that I wouldn't like what I get) - but have been pretty lucky so far

Dior Wed 18-Jun-08 18:40:29

Message withdrawn

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