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Cross stitch question

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woodpops Mon 24-Jan-05 15:22:02

I love cross stitching but hate buying the kits as I brought ALL the dmc threads from the states many moons ago. Does anyone know if you can buy books of patterns of Humphreys Corner, Forever friends or Tatty Ted. Or has anyone done any of these and could photocopy me the patterns. I'd pay for them.

nailpolish Mon 24-Jan-05 15:23:12

have you tried john lewis, woodpops?

woodpops Mon 24-Jan-05 15:34:31

Yeah, they only sell kits!!!

nailpolish Mon 24-Jan-05 15:35:02

oh sorry

woodpops Mon 24-Jan-05 15:44:30

I suppose I could buy the kit, photo copy the pattern and take it back. How naughtyt is that. You'd have thought they'd sell the books of patterns wouldn't you??

PrettyCandles Mon 24-Jan-05 15:49:20

Try Googling 'cross stitch'.

woodpops Mon 24-Jan-05 16:00:56

Thanks, looks like they only come in kits

Cadbury Mon 24-Jan-05 17:25:10 have a charts (books of) section.

Miaou Mon 24-Jan-05 17:34:18

woodpops, I've got a few cross-stitch mags with Tatty teds cross-stitch patterns in. I'll happily send you them or photocopy them, but am moving house this weekend, so it may be a couple of weeks before I am able to! If you are happy to wait, just CAT me and I will be in touch when they make a reappearance! (won't be that long - cross-stitch is a major priority!!!)

anorak Mon 24-Jan-05 17:44:23

Hobbycraft sells a big selection of pattern leaflets, I'm sure they have forever friends.

woodpops Tue 25-Jan-05 09:23:23

Thanks miaou, I've CAT you.

Cadbury I will have a look at the site. Cheers all

WigWamBam Tue 25-Jan-05 09:28:19

woodpops, I've got some cross-stitch magazines which I think may have some HC, FF or TT patterns, would you be interested in the patterns from those?

woodpops Tue 25-Jan-05 09:33:38

Oooh yes please. Well have to start a cross stitch swap shop.

woodpops Tue 25-Jan-05 09:34:01

I meant we'll. Humor me it's still early.

WigWamBam Tue 25-Jan-05 09:34:07

I'll have a root through and let you know what I've got!

woodpops Tue 25-Jan-05 09:36:16

Thanks ever so much. I used to cross stitch all the time but not done much since ds was born and he's now 3½. Want to get back into it. In fact desperate to get started and all of my mags are really out dated!!!

nnosam Tue 25-Jan-05 09:42:29

i do a lot of dmc cross stitch, i get most of my charts from, they do sale charts and do a wide range.

WigWamBam Tue 25-Jan-05 09:59:52

Found 4 charts so far - I'm sure I've got more somewhere, I'll keep looking! Would photocopies be OK or do you want the whole magazines?

Humphrey's Corner
"Gentle Little Elephant" - wearing stripy dungarees and carring a blanket
"Let It Snow" - wearing red mac and wellies in the snow

Forever Friends
"Say It With Flowers" - shy bear hiding flowers behind his back
"Especially for You" - bear holding bunch of flowers, surrounded by a border of flowers and garlands.

woodpops Tue 25-Jan-05 10:09:00

You're an absolute start. Photocopies would be fine.

WigWamBam Tue 25-Jan-05 10:14:54

Cat me your address and I'll send them. Do you like Country Companions, Suzy's Zoo and that sort of thing too, because the mags are full of those sorts of charts, if you're interested.

woodpops Tue 25-Jan-05 10:22:23

I've Cat you my address. Let me know what I owe you for the photocopying, postage etc. What's Suzys Zoo??

WigWamBam Tue 25-Jan-05 10:46:43

Suzy's Zoo are charts of cute toys, they look a bit like the Tatty Teddies but with more colour. Lots of backstitch around the edges to make them look soft and fluffy.

woodpops Tue 25-Jan-05 10:50:44

That would be great if you don't mind.

WigWamBam Tue 25-Jan-05 10:51:43

No problems.

Yurtgirl Tue 25-Jan-05 13:52:56

Message withdrawn

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