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duckegg Sun 23-Jan-05 15:53:41

i would like to have a go at embossing some cards. Where do i start? whats the best products to strat with?

Dingle Sun 23-Jan-05 17:25:59

duckegg! Do you mean embossing with a stamp/powder and heatgun or dry embossing?

If you mean embossing with stamps you will need a pigment based ink pad toghether with some embossing power. I haven't done much so hopefully others will be along to give more help.
I was more sucsessful with a clear embossing powder to start with as opposed to a really glittery one which I found sometimes difficult to see exactly when to stop heating it.

Pigment ink pads (rather than quick drying dye based inks) stay wet long enough for the embossing powder to stick to it, tap off the excess and heat using a heat toll, I find the lowest setting better.
I am trying to do more stamping this year, and slowly I am building up collections of colours_I have just got a lovely copper powder. Can't wait to try it out now!
Good luck!

Dior Sun 23-Jan-05 19:32:04

Message withdrawn

Hausfrau Sun 23-Jan-05 19:53:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ks Sun 23-Jan-05 20:00:27

Message withdrawn

Dior Sun 23-Jan-05 20:04:30

Message withdrawn

ks Sun 23-Jan-05 20:05:38

Message withdrawn

Dior Sun 23-Jan-05 20:07:14

Message withdrawn

Dingle Mon 24-Jan-05 10:43:07

Out of interest-has anyone seen the new Argos catalogue? No time to do a link but it's on page 1085 cat no.267/0218 £19.99 for a heat tool, gold and silver embossing powders and a clear ink pad! I thought that was very good!

JaysMum Mon 24-Jan-05 12:03:07

If your starting out embossing I would recommend you get a pink pigmented embossing ink....the clear is quite difficult to see on card.

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