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snap tape/ poppers to sew on for trousers/ hat patterns for sewing or knitting.

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bensmum3 Wed 19-Jan-05 10:40:24

Hi, im after some of that tape that has poppers already on, someone on products said try American sites, just checking no one knows of a uk site I can get this on.

Also after sewing or knitting patterns for childrens and adults hats please.

californiagirl Wed 19-Jan-05 17:12:34

I just made an outfit with snap tape. The nursery and I are in total agreement: *too many snaps*! The snaps are so close together that a size 12-month pair of pants ends up with something like 20 snaps! Furthermore, it was a total, utter pain to apply. Never again. Pounding on 8 snaps with a hammer is way better. I like the snaps at Snap Source which is US but will ship to the UK.

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