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calling Dingle...card help needed!!!

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JaysMum Mon 17-Jan-05 18:31:38

Hi ya Dingle.....

I have just received my first BIG order!!!!!!!!

I have been making cards for about a year now...I just get my blanks off ebay and they work out not too expensive.

I sell my cards to friends and family but as time has gone on I am now making them daily just to keep up with the demand!!!!

Today I have been asked to make my sisters friends wedding invitations and place setting cards.

I need advice as to where is the cheapest place to buy card blanks in bulk. I have to make 200 for the sit down and another 150 for the evening do!!!

Good job she has given me plenty of notice....the wedding is in Nov.

Dingle Mon 17-Jan-05 18:53:12

Congratulations on your order JaysMum. I'm really pleased for you.

Do you know what they want yet? The cheapest way in to fold your own, but you may be limited on what cardstock you can buy! I buy mine from the Paper Mill Shop, where you can fill an A4 box for £5.99. (not sure how many sheets you actually get in there,it depends as I sometimes mix with paper too. but I thinks its usually about 180-200)
This MAY be an option for you if they want something like a white, ivory or cream hammer finish, which is usually always available.
I personally wouldn't consider folding your own unless you have something like an Accu-Crease, it costs about £15-20 but cuts your "folding time" in half!!
Do you know what size they want?
I'll get my Craft Creation Catalogue out and get some idea of prices for you!

Be back soon!! [wink}

JaysMum Mon 17-Jan-05 20:53:13

Think I'll have to invest in a Acc-Crease...I have been folding my own and am getting pretty good at it now, but the thought of folding 350 invites is putting me off!!!!

They want cards to be 15cm x 10cm....not sure what size that is!!!!

Cream hammer finish......

I have designed it and they love just need to price it up and get the cards sorted out!!!
Was thinking maybe £1.25 an invite...they are family friends and it's my first big order so hopefully I will get some orders from it!!!
The place cards I thought should be 50p each...
My neighbour thinks I am not charging enough...any ideas how much I should charge...I checked out a few websites and the price is about £2.75 - £3.50 per invite.....but this is my hobby and I dont want to be too greedy!!!!!
Where abouts do you live Dingle?
we only have 1 craft shop and they charge the earth for supplies....was in there today and they are charging £2 for 5 skeleton leaves....I just bought a 100 off ebay for £1.65 inc p&P!!!!

Dingle Mon 17-Jan-05 21:07:04

JaysMum, I'm in Kent!
I have details of what it would cost from Craft Creations,if you want to CAT me, I email them accross to you.
Not saying they are the cheapest but it will give you an idea! I did my first Wedding order last year, and to be honest I bought in rather than folded my own, it just seemed that much easier and worth the extra cost! Your situation might be different, you can get such a neat fold using an Accu-Crease,and I take it you will be adding a computer printed insert as well?
Your initial price is about what I quoted, I gave a rough estimate of £1.50 per invite, but this came down because I could buy in bulk.

Dingle Mon 17-Jan-05 21:10:13

BTW, don't be put off folding with an Accu-Crease. I can fold, trim, and put in poly bags with envelopes about 50-100 in an evening!
I wouldn't contemplate doing it without my magic gadget though!!

JaysMum Fri 21-Jan-05 09:46:09

Dingle....some advice please if you may....

I have made an Extra Special card for my niece...who calls me Rabbit!!!!

I have put a Rabbit dressed in a ballerina costume on top of the stands 3 cm off the I have made a box for looks so lovely BUT.......

The seams of the box are not sticking that well....I've tried my glue gun, double sided tape and the good old PVA but nothing is holding the seams of the box down!!!!!
The corners have stuck fast....any suggestions???

It's the first time I have made a boxed card...and even though I had two goes to get the top and bottom to fit wasn't that difficult to do....just wish it would stick!!!!

Dingle Fri 21-Jan-05 13:33:59

Afraid I've never made a box up! What did you make it out of, basic cards stock. Have you tried PVA and using clothes pegs to hold it until it sticks! I am never without a few pegs in my craft boxes-you never know when they may come in handy!

JaysMum Fri 21-Jan-05 15:39:40

Tried that but the glues not holding together the seam I have done around the top!!!!
All the other seams are fine.....typical I thought I was doing so well.....back to the drawing board!!!!

Dingle Fri 21-Jan-05 15:59:09

Do you mean you have folded the edge of the box to give you a more stable finish? How about leaving it single and sticking a band of pretty ribbon round it, or even cutting the egde with fancy scissiors! Sorry, because I've never made one I don't really know what else to suggest. I know there is an extra tacky glue-I think it's made by Anita's but not sure!

JaysMum Mon 24-Jan-05 12:00:01

It was the folded edge that wouldn't stick!!!
Gave up and went to local £1 shop and had a rummage....found a really lovely DVD box for 50p...took it home and decorated it up...looks smashing and really makes my card look fab...

Hubby uses some really strong adhesive tape at work. It holds car interiors in place...even that wouldn't work!!!

Thanks any way

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