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Hobbycraft sale

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anorak Fri 07-Jan-05 12:36:13

Just been down there and bought 40 glass paints for 7p each. Also picked up 2 carrier bags full of card blanks, card and envelopes for about £3. I was there at the right moment I guess.

Thought others might like to know what bargains were available. That was the Watford brank by the way.

anorak Fri 07-Jan-05 12:36:46


kkgirl Mon 25-Jul-05 08:49:25

I've heard Hobbycraft have a Summer Sale on now, does anyone know if they have, if so what are the bargains?kk

Whizzz Mon 25-Jul-05 19:41:19

I went to the one near us on Sunday & was most disappointed. They were selling Xmas peel offs BOGOF but I was expecting mega bargains & didn't see any.
What I did see in our local garden centre (that also has a craft bit) were stamp sets (Anitas) - selling in Hobbycraft for £9.99 - selling in the garden centre for £3 !!

kkgirl Tue 26-Jul-05 08:20:32


I went to Hobbycraft last night, to find that they are expanding the store so the stuff is all over the place, and there was no sale as such.
Did get some anniversary confetti for 7p a bag though.
Is your local garden centre a Wyevale one?

Whizzz Tue 26-Jul-05 18:23:46

Yup - sure is !
Some great craft stuff - loads of lovely punches (much nice than Hobbycraft)

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