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nnosam Wed 05-Jan-05 14:41:27

does anyone know of a company that goes out to toddler groups and brings a pot/cup/mug or such item and the children gets to paint them and then take them home?
im in the Gloucestershire area, however most companies have branches so any info at all will be fantastic.

Thank you

northerner Wed 05-Jan-05 15:20:39

But they are in harrogate.........

nnosam Wed 05-Jan-05 15:44:26

thanks i shall try it.

crunchie Wed 05-Jan-05 15:55:50

A cheaper way is to buy your own paints and cheap mugs (75p in ADSA). The poreclain paints by Pebeo are brilliant, although they need to dry and be 'fired' in a domestic oven. Then they are dishwasher proof. I did this and the paint kit cost £7.99 last winter and we pained enough china to create a dinner service with paint to spare. The only problem is that the kids maybe too young (my youngest was 2.5 when we did it last year) and she needed 1 to 1 time (the paints were a bit hard to wash off!)

nnosam Thu 06-Jan-05 08:42:35

never though of doing it that way. hopefull each child would have a parent with thm at the table.
thanks for the idea

crunchie Fri 07-Jan-05 09:55:55

If there is a parent per child it is easy. We also used very small paint brushes, ratherthan 'toddler' ones as otherwise too much paint is used and it runs. I found it worked great with a one on one ratio.

nnosam Fri 07-Jan-05 10:42:10

thanks for that, i shall look into it.

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