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Anybody paint with watercolours?

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anteater Wed 05-Jan-05 10:19:40

Just wondered if it can be easly learnt or if its just one of those things your born.

makealist Wed 05-Jan-05 21:28:22

Last year my mum and I did an evening course ~watercolours for beginers.
my mum isn't "arty" at all but by the end of the course (10 weeks) she had painted a picture of a bowl of fruit she was pleased with. It's now framed and hanging on her kitchen wall
If you are a bit artistic to begin with, you should pick up the basic's quite quick.

anteater Thu 06-Jan-05 12:14:48

Thats the course Im going on!! In my quest for world domination I try to add at least one thing a year to the earnings portfolio. Always been amazed by the speed which w/c artists work.
Plan to have items on sale by Easter!!

LIZS Thu 06-Jan-05 13:00:38

lol anteater. You can definitely learn the fundamental techniques. I did a watercolour course when ds was a baby and we used simple scenes as a starting point (postcard, photo in book or own photo was even better). That way you feel as if you are working towards something real whilst learning. I found it helped if I had visited where I was painting as that seemed to give me a better sense of place and where the light was coming from. However I do feel that you either have or do not have an instinctive feel for perspective, tone, compostition etc which are more difficult to just learn.

anteater Thu 06-Jan-05 15:26:12

Hi Lizs, do you still paint often? Know Ill be OK with perspective, tone and compostition, its the colour blindness that may be my undoing!

Need to build a colourblind customer base

Have you visited the slopes yet?? Were off in 30 days!! The weather here today is SO grim, driving rain, high winds etc, dont know if we can wait!

LIZS Thu 06-Jan-05 16:25:56

Haven't actually lifted a brush since we moved here 3 1\2 years ago - the stuff all came along with the best of intentions, lol!

We have been to the slopes a couple of times with the kids over Christmas - just short lifts which ds can do on his own and trying to encourage dd to stay upright, move and let go of our hands !! We're off for a week on 12th Feb and ds has lessons booked for each weekend starting a week on Saturday, so will hopefully get more relaxed and confident again. It is rainy and windy here too today, but with 11o c forecast for the weekend, and yesterday it took me over 20 minutes to de-ice the car and cos we should have put it in the garage !!

MamaMaiasaura Fri 07-Jan-05 00:23:12

MY dp bought me an easel, water colour beginner set and paper for xmas .. he thinks i have talent.. (I think he needs glasses!)

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