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Advice re cardmarking from a total virign

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jenkel Tue 04-Jan-05 00:45:34

This is something that I would love to get into. How did you lot get started, any book/magazine recommendations. I'm in Hertfordshire, any local suppliers that any of you know about.

AuntyQuated Tue 04-Jan-05 08:01:16

there are LOADS of mags...some more difficult than others.
one of my favourites is 'QUICK CARDS' and is avaailable in some supermarkets. sorry i'm no where near Herts so don't know of any suppliers.there are loads of internet ones.
do you have anyhting at all to get you started?

AuntyQuated Tue 04-Jan-05 08:03:52

there's a Hobbycraft in Watford if that is anywhere near you.

kkgirl Tue 04-Jan-05 09:13:56

I'm also new to cardmaking, and have bought some magazines, but unless you can get and afford to buy the exact stuff they have used, then you have to try and design cards using the stuff you have.
I bought Anitas starter kit to begin with (about 11.99, which had some blank white cards, foam, gel pens, some peel off stickers etc. I did make a couple from there, there is a booklet with it, but I realised that I would still need to buy extra stuff.
I have been going on ebay and buying cards, and embellishments to design my own.

AQ wondered if you had any really easy starter ideas you could post or pictures of any you have done.

At the moment I am getting a piece of card, adding some mulberry paper or textured card and then an embellishment. Am stuck like that, and want to design a garden themed one. Have some flowerpots, tags, daisies, gladioli and a bee.

BubblesDeVere Tue 04-Jan-05 09:35:14

Have a look on the hobbycraft site, there are some ideas on there on how to make different cards and some of them are really nice.

Just a word of warning though, be careful when you are buying on Ebay, although some of them seem like good deals once you have paid postage and packaging you could have paid nearly 3 times more than you pay in a craft shop.

Where are you from?

Dingle Tue 04-Jan-05 12:02:12

How many of us have digital cameras? Perhaps we could do a e-mail card swap on a regular basis. To share our ideas and experience. Just a thought!
Been making cards for nearly 2 years now, and still I can sit there trying to come up with new ideas and end up packing away again!
I have accumulated quite a lot of "stuff" now. but still want more-very addctive!

gscrym Tue 04-Jan-05 12:13:56

I'm in a total rut at the moment about thank you cards. DS will not do the scribbles that I'd like to cut up and use. I've been looking at a pile of folded cards for days, not knowing what to do.

kkgirl Tue 04-Jan-05 16:56:13


I like the idea of your email swap, it would be nice to get some help and ideas from someone like yourself who has been doing it for a while.

The only thing at the moment is I'm not sure how to download the card onto the computer until DH shows me again, I'm not great at tech.

AuntyQuated Tue 04-Jan-05 16:59:08

we did Thnak yous
stamped Thnak you
dd wrote " for my/our"
then we stuck a peel off of a prsent or stampeda pic of a present.

AuntyQuated Tue 04-Jan-05 17:01:48

love the idea swap thro' digital photos.

if you are a member of yahoo try clicking here this is a Yahoo card group where you can post your cards and there are loads to look at}

Dingle Tue 04-Jan-05 21:34:55

If there's a few interested in doing a digital swap by email, shall we try to get it going?
kkgirl and AQ, are you up for it?

How often do you want to do a "swap"?
Do we want a theme or just what we've been working on?

kkgirl, have you got a digital camera or a scanner?

I really need a kick up the backside to get me going again, I'm all out of routine but ds does go back to school tomorrow.dd doesn't go back to nursery until next Monday.

kkgirl Tue 04-Jan-05 22:55:52


I have got digi camera and scanner, but am useless at using any of it, will have to rely on dh to help.

Would love to see what you are doing. I haven't made many cards, did two the same at christmas, and have done a couple of birthday ones. I can take photos of those, and email.

Would like some ideas for my garden themed one. Did get some corrugated cardboard off my mum, and tried to spray it gold so that I could mount the flowerpot on top, used fabric paint though and it didn't work well.

AuntyQuated Wed 05-Jan-05 08:46:52

yes, would love to dingle
my mum and dad are retiring in feb and i'm desperate for card ideas

Dingle Wed 05-Jan-05 13:49:51

Any ideas on how to work it then.I've got your email address already AQ! kkgirl CAT me with your email address if you want to join in too.
AQ do you want me to work on a few retirement cards-not saying that they will be any good.
What proffesion are they retiring from,,,,etc.
Never set up a group email thingy something I will learn now!
Any more ideas????

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