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is it really possible to make money selling handmade cards?

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MakemineaGandT Fri 11-Apr-08 14:21:39

I'm thinking of doing this - what should I know first?!

creatingspecialmoments Tue 09-Jul-13 16:46:45

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

creatingspecialmoments Tue 09-Jul-13 10:26:03

Hi there, the market for "handmade cards are relatively competitive to a point however, you can bring something new and unique to the market like I did… then you can make money from it like I do. My cards aren't cheap however; the latter being, do your research into your niche market and most importantly watch your potential competition carefully and plan your business structure from there on.

Firstly, find out if there's a reasonable amount of searches per month for your intended niche via Google Keyword Tool (they will be taking that down later this year by the way)

Spy on your competition website style, pricing, offer structure and are they social and how they branding themselves?

Look at their products and bring something similar but not the same. Better the design or add something to make it your own style

Get a website... outsource this part cheap and if you nothing about how to do it ask a friend or family member to help you

Market it on the internet…this one can be tricky but very essential for getting customers that are willing to pay you for your services. Be careful to pay more than you are profiting when it comes to marketing your website.

Get Traffic to your site…By way of marketing your site’s offer, people will find you and trust you enough to hand you their money in exchange for your product

Have engaging contents and product images…This explains itself just by you and write like you are passionate about your product and take decent images, they don’t have to be professional.

Convert leads to sale…Turn your sites visitors into sales simply by offering them something attractive.

So yes you can make good income if you structure your plans properly and have the right people to support you like my husband does me :-)

You can see this example of my site www.creatingspecialmomnets.co.uk
I wish you every success and you can do it if you have a structured plan in place. GO FOR IT! smile

loopyredangel Fri 18-Apr-08 23:31:59

I used to make greeting cards, I found making wedding and christening invitations and related products was the best way to make money. Get a good reputation for yourself, go to wedding fairs etc. Research your market, and know your competitors. I started to do really well, but had to give it up as we were both self employed and needed a mortgage to get our first house.

bettythebuilder Fri 18-Apr-08 14:59:48

Another consideration, if you are thinking of making a 'business' out of handmade cards is to register as a sole trader with the inland revenue (altho you can opt out of paying NI contributions if you're not making much income!) and to think of some form of insurance to cover stock, fairs, public liability, etc.

Some companies do small (craft) business insurance for about £50, but the price may increase if you're thinking of selling wholesale.

Dior Thu 17-Apr-08 16:57:36

Message withdrawn

Mercy Thu 17-Apr-08 16:12:39

dd and I just had a quick scroll through your site Dior - another one we'll have to come back to I think!!

Stargazer Thu 17-Apr-08 16:04:41

MMAG&T - I don't think you'll make any money selling handmade cards. I make cards which I sell at the local school fair - just about cover my costs. My feeling is that people like to receive handmade cards, but don't like to pay for it!!

However, if you find a niche then you could make lots!! Good luck.

Dingle & Dior - like your cards.

Dior Thu 17-Apr-08 15:59:06

Message withdrawn

Dior Thu 17-Apr-08 15:58:36

Message withdrawn

Mercy Thu 17-Apr-08 15:48:50

Blimey Dingle, I'm going to set some time aside to look at your blog properly, dd (aged 7) will love it too (card making is her hobby).

Btw, dh adn I both try to buy handmade cards, usually for family or special occasions, and we would happily spend £2.50 on one.

Dingle Thu 17-Apr-08 15:41:41

Vintage got it, will email back a few details..hope to post out tomorrow!!!

morningpaper Sat 12-Apr-08 12:10:12

blimey Dingle your cards are AMAZING

vInTaGeVioLeT Sat 12-Apr-08 12:04:56

just resent it dingle!

Dingle Sat 12-Apr-08 09:13:56

LOL expatinscotland....don't really know how to take that but I will say thank you!wink

Vintage..still no email?

expatinscotland Fri 11-Apr-08 23:47:02

Shit, Dingle, you are a really really good crafter!


harpomarx Fri 11-Apr-08 23:33:56

actually, I have an old friend who started out doing this and is apparently now doing very www.kissmekwik.co.uk/well, so it's not all doom and gloom!

I guess you just have to find something that is commercial enough to gather its own momentum.

dizzyday07 Fri 11-Apr-08 23:29:30

if you can draw you could apply to join the Pheomix Cards design team

Tillyboo Fri 11-Apr-08 21:25:24

In my opinion, no, not with the likes of Phoenix selling for £1.00 - just can't compete.

I made my own cards last year with my own photography and although they were very well received you just can't charge enough to cover your costs.

Good luck though.

MakemineaGandT Fri 11-Apr-08 20:58:28

Great cards VintageViolet and Dingle, and thanks for the advice. I think I will give it a go - I'll let you know how I get on! (If I feel brave I might even put a few examples on my profile!!)

Where do you recommend for card supplies? I've only used MadaboutCards so far

vInTaGeVioLeT Fri 11-Apr-08 20:57:36

blueyonder shall i send it again?

Dingle Fri 11-Apr-08 20:49:45

No vInTaGe....where did you send it, blueyonder or yahoo? I am having a bit a nightmare!!

vInTaGeVioLeT Fri 11-Apr-08 20:39:09

dingle did you get my email about stamped images?

Dingle Fri 11-Apr-08 20:17:55

I don't make money of my cards, I spend far too long on them to ever make any profit. I would love to branch out but time just always gets the better of me.

I don't sell many but I charge £2.50 for an A5 card, whether it is personalised and often I give 10% of that to my local Down Syndrome Charity - so after actually taking the cost of materials into consideration it really doesn't leave that much left. I keep saying I will put prices up for the really personalised ones but that's something else left "undone!"

The compettion out there is tough, I tried my first Craft Fair at the beginning of the year and all around me 50p cards with a peel off stuck on the front were selling...but I won't go down to that level, I do it as a release for me and the stress of life!!LOL

Welcome to have a nosey here

Good luck.

Whizzz Fri 11-Apr-08 19:03:58

I must also add - if anyone is after any card making stuff - shout up - I have loads I'm trying to slim down (in order to get more beads grin)

vInTaGeVioLeT Fri 11-Apr-08 17:42:18

there are some of mine on my profile - they were all comissioned from family and some from people i've made ones for from other people IYSWIM

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