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Has anyone ever done calligraphy?

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Dingle Sun 02-Jan-05 22:06:27

I would love to have a go but because I'm left-handed I wonder if I would be very sucessful!
I have found a site that sells both right & left-handed pens but wondered if anyone has any advice before I go out spending!

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 15:53:08

Yep. Did it for 7 years at evening classes.

I used "proper" dip pens rather than a fountain pen set. You definitely need a left handed set because of the way the nibs are cut.

MrsDoolittle Thu 06-Jan-05 15:56:00

I love it, it is so relaxing!! It's a beautiful thing to do, if you can. I would agree with Dragon that the left handed set will be best.
Hope you enjoy it

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 15:56:42

I need to dig out all my stuff again. I found some of it packed away just before Christmas and got all wistful

Dingle Thu 06-Jan-05 16:06:46

I'd given this up as a lost cause! I was resorting to a trip to thr library tomorrow to see is they have anything.
Can anyone recommend a good book for beginners?
I have found a course starting in April, tempted to see if they have any places left. I take it that you would recommend the evening classes TheDragon. I was rather put off by the "dip pens" I thought that the left handed cartride pen set would have been a good starter for me. Can I ask why you feel the "real ink" would be best. I can imagine blobs of ink all over my paper!
How about you MrsD-did you go to classes or teach yourself?

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 16:08:45

I'd like to do this and I'm a southpaw too Dingle!

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 16:11:49

A class is a good idea. I'd recommend it - for a start you'll get a couple of hours child free to learn how to do it!

I prefer the dip pens - you can mix up gouach paint to use in them to create coloured lettering which is really nice. You can change the colour part way through a letter too - I used to do this to great effect using, say, 3 similar shades of a colour. They're just so much more versatile!

A fountain pen set would be OK as a trial though and to see if you like calligraphy. It's more akin to drawing than writing in a way because of the way you construct the letters. If I can find my books, I'll flick through and see which is a good beginner book.

MrsDoolittle Thu 06-Jan-05 16:13:33

No I went to an old-fashioned convent school where is was part of the curriculum.

AuntyQuated Thu 06-Jan-05 16:13:48

i thought about this for a while but have started using the PC more...have sorted it out so that i can print inside and outside ... took a lot of fiddling around to get the position right.
plus someone gave me the settings to print in gold and silver. have also tried embossing straight off the printer and that works.

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 16:17:46

This is quite a nice introductory book.

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 16:20:01

The PC does produce nice looking lettering but for a work of art, rather than lettering, you can't beat handwritten. For cards, calligraphy can be used for flowing informal lettering that would be difficult to reproduce without tracking down the right font. You can tailor it to whatever else you've put on the card.

Dingle Thu 06-Jan-05 17:32:18

I'll ring the college tomorrow-you are right. One of my resolutions was to have some me time, away from special needs and childcare worries.
Fingers crossed that it's not fully booked.
I might buy some bits to get me going now as well.

AuntyQuated Thu 06-Jan-05 17:38:59

dingle - i have a book somehwere...will look for it and can send it to you if it looks any good.

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 17:40:57

Whereabouts are you, Dingle?

Dingle Thu 06-Jan-05 17:48:52

Medway in Kent. I think the course is held at Strood. Only about 15-20 drive away. It was held 1 evening a week for about 16 weeks, I think. I'll have to take another look.
I might even get a course discount for being dd's carer- Worth looking into but I don't think it was badly priced anyway.
Puff, what's a southpaw?
AQ, let me know about the book and how much you want for it. I have been looking at Search Press and I could spend a small fortune on books, knitting book, card books, calligraphy books....

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 17:51:02

Southpaw is a boxing term for left handed.

Wondered where you were to see if I could drop my books off for you to look at - all hardback iirc and too heavy to post!

AuntyQuated Thu 06-Jan-05 17:51:34

sorry just had a look and it isn't exactly calligraphy.
'Hand Lettering Made Easy" Debra Beagle

don't want anyhting for it tho'. altho' a retirement card may cover the postage

AuntyQuated Thu 06-Jan-05 17:53:07

here it is

TheDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 18:02:30

I need to dig out all my stuff now

PuffTheMagicDragon Thu 06-Jan-05 18:16:28

lol Dingle - you must have wondered what on EARTH I was going on about .

Dingle Fri 07-Jan-05 10:02:40

WOW- what have I done, just booked myself in on the Calligraphy course starting in April. I haven't done anything like this for years- looking forward to it but a bit nervous about my ability! Have absolutely no confidence in myself as an individual, to wrapped up in the children and special needs matters.

Hopefullly still going to the library this afternoon to take a look at what they have on offer there!

Dingle Mon 10-Jan-05 18:06:15

I had the confirmation details through today for my calligraphy course today, I got it at half the going rate, at ONLY £21!!

AuntyQuated Mon 10-Jan-05 18:25:58

good news Dingle

are you interseted in that book i have ? let me know . will email you sometime soon - promise!

SoupDragon Mon 10-Jan-05 18:26:37


spots Thu 13-Jan-05 13:27:40

this sounds very good stuff Dingle; I have dabbled in calligraphy but more hand lettering than the fluid line type stuff. Look forward to seeing your posts in gorgeous copperplate in the future.

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