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How to get crayon off an aquadraw?

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prufRockingAroundtheXmasTree Wed 29-Dec-04 17:13:45

DD adores the aquadraw we got her for Xmas, but has just drawn (a perfect regular pentagon, natch) on it with a normal crayon. Baby wipes haven't worked. I had to wait until they'd dried to find out.
I'm a bit loath to use WD40 or an iron in case it destroys the magic stuff that makes it go blue (how does an Aquadraw work btw). We also hav a bit of nail varnish (courtesy of MIL painting my 2 year olds nails ), and again, I'm not sure if nail varnish remover will harm it - any ideas?

GeorginaA Wed 29-Dec-04 17:48:00

Bah, was just about to write baby wipe - they're always our first port of call. From what I remember Tomy have quite good phone customer support (I got some spare bits for ds1's mini train set once from them) - can you phone and ask what they recommend?

Twiglett Wed 29-Dec-04 18:17:41

Well TBH the nail varnish part can't be drawn over can it so I'd dab it with nail varnish remover then test to see if it still works underneath

then if it does use that on the crayon

absolutely no idea how it works though

popsycal Wed 29-Dec-04 19:06:22

dont know how to remove the stain, but my theiry on it working (a major conversation topic on xmas day for me and dh!!!!) is that there is sme blueish liquid stuff with a layer of very thin material over and the water from the pen just makes the material translucent....

lockets Wed 29-Dec-04 19:11:27

Message withdrawn

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