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Thomas the Tank !

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boudicca Thu 09-Dec-04 16:59:04

Hi , does anyone out there have any Thomas knitting patterns, ideally a jumper to fit 18mth old.
I don't mind what 'format'-a photocopy, a graph,I'll happily pay for it + postage if you have one-I'm desperate !

boudicca Thu 09-Dec-04 17:09:31


DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 09-Dec-04 17:12:50

I have a feeling my mum had one when my nephew was small. Whether she still has it or not I don't know. She's on holiday at the moment so I can't check!

JanH Thu 09-Dec-04 17:25:47

My MIL knitted several Thomas jumpers when my DSs were small but I don't know if she had a pattern or just made it up. I will see her tomorrow so will ask her (if I remember...)!

boudicca Sat 11-Dec-04 10:50:07

hello,and thank you both for the replies.I'm still looking for the pattern, so any help would be much appreciated.

JanH Sat 11-Dec-04 11:16:14

My MIL is looking but thinks she threw it out, boudicca

boudicca Sat 11-Dec-04 11:23:16

Thanks JanH, I think I'll have to try E-Bay.

Snugs Mon 13-Dec-04 17:20:26

Only just seen this. Will check with my MIL if she still has pattern (not used it for 4 years or so, so might have thrown it out). Will let you know asap

JanH Tue 21-Dec-04 11:33:09

boudicca, my MIL has found some! 3 in fact!

One has Fat Controller rear view plus front half of engine (photo has James but it could be any colour of course);

one is blue, with a big sun on one shoulder, a train signal and the front of an engine (Percy this time) smiling with steam coming out of his funnel, and on the back a moon and some stars with Percy asleep;

the third is Bill and Ben - a yellow jumper with black and red bits, faces front and back and the words Bill on one sleeve and Ben on the other.

Size range is 20-26, except for the first which is 20-28.

CAT me and I'll post them to you.

JanH Tue 21-Dec-04 17:59:37


JanH Tue 21-Dec-04 20:19:36

bump again...where are you, boudicca?

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