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hand made paper

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aBeanInaManger Wed 08-Dec-04 10:36:38

where can I get this? I just want plain white or natural coloured paper, I have found loads of paper with 'bits' in, flowers and stuff, but no plain paper. Anyone know where to get it?

gothicsanta Wed 08-Dec-04 10:37:58

maybe lakeland!

littlemissbossy Wed 08-Dec-04 10:40:38

You'll probably find it at a local artists supplies shop or try

DoesntChristmasDragOn Wed 08-Dec-04 10:41:02

Where are you? I bet Falkiner Fine Papers (76 Southampton Row, London) has it. I love that shop - they have gorgeous papers in there.

aBeanInaManger Wed 08-Dec-04 10:46:01

hmmmmm, a bit far to go for paper I think! I'm in Edinburgh.

SantaQuated Wed 08-Dec-04 10:47:26

aBeanInaManger Wed 08-Dec-04 11:07:06

found loads of things I want on papermaze, every kind of paper you can think of and lots of cool bits and pieces. Thanks!

SantaQuated Wed 08-Dec-04 11:53:24

i ordered from them on sunday and it has arrived today. very impressed with the quality too

TinselTamum Wed 08-Dec-04 15:49:25

aBeanInaManger, there's a shop that's opened recently in Bruntsfield selling paper type things. I haven't been in there but I'm sure they sell handmade paper. I can go and look and report back if you want? Don't know how close you live to Bruntsfield of course!

aism Mon 17-Jan-05 22:37:39

Hey there,

You can find some natural stuff here - indian cotton - but plain white/cream.


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