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Any fellow artists around ????

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melsy Fri 03-Dec-04 11:52:49

Im experimenting with thin layers of plaster mixed with pva and water on a large canvas to get a slight relief.Im painitngn it onn then scultig it into a thick paint like texture, to mimmic thick layers of paint, but allows for more texturing. Do you think when it dries I can just paint acrylic over the top of it , or will it need priming ?? Just hoping that if sold it doesnt start to crumble off with the central heating in places!!!!

melsy Fri 03-Dec-04 11:53:44

Please excuse the grammer , Im an "artiste" LOL !!!

noddy5 Fri 03-Dec-04 11:57:25

That should be fine you could also polish it with coloured waxes aswell looks really effective on abstract pieces.

spots Thu 13-Jan-05 13:13:50

ooh just seen this... interested to know how you got on Melsy. They sell acrylic texturing medium for this sort of thing but it's horrendously expensive. Whenever I've done anything similar it has generally been on board/something solid. However have had good results using paintable bath sealant! of all things... There is also a material called Idenden which is sold in vast quantities for plumbers I think.

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