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Lets talk cards!

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layla Fri 12-Nov-04 15:09:07

Hi,I've done some brochures now for my cards.they're not photos and printed but I've drawn the pictures and written a description of them and photocopied them.I've put one of my stamps onto the front.I keep thinking up new designss all the time though!

layla Fri 12-Nov-04 15:12:29

This is much easier talking up here than scrolling down to the bottom of the board.Think I've got my eyelts sussed now need a different sized setter for the teeny weeny ones.Have mastered the larger ones now.I love them.

AuntyQuated Fri 12-Nov-04 19:35:42

layla, where did you get your tiny eyelets from? i have only got 1/8". (hopefully somewhere online)

layla Fri 12-Nov-04 22:29:56

They're a 1/16 and they're from making memories one of my favourite companies.I'm afraid I got them at the craft show last weekend and I didn't know which company they were selling them sorry.There is a shop in town that does making memories would you like me to have a look there for you?

champs Sat 13-Nov-04 00:36:40

found some here

layla Thu 18-Nov-04 15:47:49

Anybody got any card orders or bought anything new?How are you Dingle have you got your cards in the shop now?
Anyone like to share any new designs,what's your latest card?
I've got one if your interested.

Dingle Thu 18-Nov-04 16:00:39

Hi layla, yes I would be interested in your new design. How's your leaflet going? What's your news?

Got my cards back from the shop, the owner wasn't interested I'm afraid. Not a complete loss though sold about 10 to the staff there and they have kept my details for their own use and recommend me to any customers that ask.

I have really been on a low, had two deaths in the family and have the funerals to cope with this week. After they are over with I have to really get a move on. I haven't made any Xmas cards yet but have an order for 10 and at least 100 to do for us! I might get everything set up in the conservatory ready so that I can just pick things up when ever I have a spare moment! (not that that happens very often!{grin])

layla Thu 18-Nov-04 16:38:57

Hi Dingle,aren't you having a horrible time,really sorry to hear of your losses.
What ashame about the owner not having your cards,she must be a bit strange i think your cards are great.
I've made up some brochures,they're only drawn and with a description for now but I'm quite proud of them and I like my designs.I've sent quite a few out the other day and just had an order from my sister for 14 cards from it.I'm still going to get one printed,my dh says he can do it for me and we should be getting a digital camera fro xma which will make it easier.I can send you a brochure now to look at if you're interested?Let me know.
The new design is one I've got the inspiration from someones elses card.I asked their permission to copy it though but have changed a few details.
You take a square card witha large square aperture in it.Tear strips of paper all different strips and put them one on top of another to look like rolling hills.Put a line of glitter glue along the top of a few strips.Then punch out some leaves and emboss them with embossing powder or leave them and put about 3 or 4 around and on the srips of paper.Then put either a dragonfly brad or a stamped and embossed image of a dragonfly in one corner.You could alternately use a butterfly and add some punched out flowers too.

Dingle Thu 18-Nov-04 16:51:18

AAww, layla that sounds good. Makes me think of an adaptation for Xmas too! Use snowy white, glittery silvers for a snowny landscape with Xmas trees, embellish with a simple little robin or holly or a simple "merry Xmas!"
The possibilities go on!
Might try with layers of tissue paper overlapping, mulberry papers, shimmer could do something quite bold using darker colours or something really subtle using different textures!
Thanks layla, I need some inspiration!

champs Thu 18-Nov-04 21:45:41

ooo sounds lovely. I saw one with torn paper on create and craft.
I have still not started Christmas cards and i was meant to get on with scrapbooks tonight but havent!!
Went craft shopping today and spent too much yet again!! got some scrapbook templates, stickers, alphabet beads, confetti, card, pens, craft knife..... the list goes on

Has anyone got any of the new glaze pens?? Are they good??

layla Thu 18-Nov-04 22:51:46

Champs I keep looking at the new pens in the craft shop but haven't bought one yet.I still haven't made any of my xmas cards I keep getting orders for them though from other people.I've just made 6 of them in a production line tonight all the same they were.That's quite a feat for me I usually only manage 3 at a push a night.I did all the little beads on thread while watching tv with the kids.Now I'm busy picling glue off my fingers I love doing that it's very satisfiying.You sound like you had fun in the craft shop.i went to one today on my afternoon off work and was flicking through the Sarah Beaman book fast cards I really want it for xmas!

champs Thu 18-Nov-04 23:27:57

lol, keep making hints to your dh!! I went to two shops today and am about to make an order at baker ross as I have still got to get my bits for christmas cards.

champs Sat 20-Nov-04 16:45:54

hi layla,
hunkermunker is after some advice about crafting from home to make money here

hunkermunker Sat 20-Nov-04 23:48:55

Thanks Champs Hi Layla - please visit my thread (though not said in a needy way!)!

gscrym Mon 22-Nov-04 10:04:23

Do you mean the Gelly Roll pens? If you do, they're brilliant. Much easier to use than the crystal laquer pens. I used them with some outline stickers on my latest batch of Christmas cards and it looks really nice. I do need to get more colours though.

bluesky Tue 23-Nov-04 18:52:40

Hi card-makers. Where do you buy your blank cards from, as I would love to get creative this Christmas. Thanks.

Dingle Tue 23-Nov-04 19:00:57

Hi bluesky,there are loads of place you can buy blanks now, Lakeland, is fairly popular.
Personally I buy mine from craft creations
Loads of choice,loads of colours. You do have to buy the envelopes seperately but are very reasonable.

Dingle Tue 23-Nov-04 19:02:09

Haven't actually tried them for their cards but Baker Ross are a good price too I believe.

bluesky Tue 23-Nov-04 19:15:08

thanks Dingle I shall have a look.

AuntyQuated Tue 23-Nov-04 19:22:53

baker ross are good on price but stick with craft creations as BR cards are not very good quality, bit flimsy, OK for something light weight but not very substantial. having said that i got some of their pearly bauble shaped cards and they are good, but the plain matt ones aren't very good.

dingle are you still interested in sympathy cards? if so i ahve them on an email that i can send you. will have to do it later tho' as it is on the laptop.

Dingle Tue 23-Nov-04 19:35:13

Would love a look AQ. Don't need to rush, I thought a few more ideas would have been handy if the flower shop had been interested,but if it's no trouble I would still appreciate them.
Just about to start playing with some ideas for my xmas cards, have a few orders come in so I'd better get a move on. I can still picture me sat up on xmas eve making all my own family cards!
How are you doing?

champs Wed 24-Nov-04 00:48:06

Hi all!!
gscrym-- I am really tempted to get some, i may do after payday as my card is maxed out I have seen a pack of ten and will prob get them as it will work out cheaper.

bluesky--- I got mine from argos of all places!! the extra catalogue has a pack with all different sizes. I also got a big pack of 208 cards from qvc when they had a special offer.

Has anyone made any shaker cards? I think I may try some out next month, might be one of my christmas designs.

Dingle Wed 24-Nov-04 10:47:31

Bluesky, (and anyone elso who may be interested! QVC is on at 11am and at 9pm I think. Might be worth a look for some prices and ideas!

Dingle Wed 24-Nov-04 15:56:44

gscrym, wasn't it you who got the Wispers ink pad set??? I still have the chance to pick it up for about £40. What are they like,are the quick drying?

gscrym Wed 24-Nov-04 17:20:47

Yes it was and yes they are. There are pens in it to. Just felt tip ones but quite nice. There are some cracking colours in it. I found the easiest way to clean them after having a good play with them was to sit in front of the telly with a bowl of warm soapy water and clean the stamps with an old tooth brush. It looks dead big in the leaflet but it's quite small. Definately bargain-tastic.

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