Storing circular needles

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Knittyknittybangbang Thu 15-Apr-21 11:36:39

I started knitting over Christmas and now I'm hooked! I seem to never have the right needle size so I have bought a few (loads) and now need a clever way to store them so I can find the right size and length without having to work my way through the whole lot. Any ideas?

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FingonTheValiant Thu 15-Apr-21 20:27:09

Interchangeable or fixed circulars?

I have a really cute Hiya Hiya circular needle case.

FingonTheValiant Thu 15-Apr-21 20:28:05

And I think other brands do ones with the sizes printed on. Chiaogoo maybe...

twilightcafe Thu 15-Apr-21 20:29:07

I store mine in three zipped bags: one for sizes up to 3.5mm; 4-5mm, and then 6mm plus

Knittyknittybangbang Fri 16-Apr-21 09:13:37

I only have fixed circulars. Thanks for the info, am now dreaming about other stuff to buy!

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FingonTheValiant Fri 16-Apr-21 11:00:30

I have a chiaogoo interchangeable set. I drooled over it for 5 years before splashing out. No regrets grin (and I have one of their tiny sock sets - lush)

Knittyknittybangbang Fri 16-Apr-21 12:56:39

Maybe I should see if I am still keen after a year... Saying that, I have birthday coming up 😁

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