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Happymuppet Sun 28-Oct-07 22:09:27

Hi all, im thinking of decorating childrens bedrooms for extra cash. I can decorate the rooms in almost any design - shrek,disney etc. I decorated my sons nursery in Finding Nemo (very cute). Also thinking of Hand Painting kids furniture too. I can paint themes etc as above onto Name plaques,toy boxes,waldrobes etc and have all personalised too. Do you think this is something that mums want? I have bought a small toy box/seat to decorate as a start to see how i get on with orders etc. Bedrooms would cost about £150 - 300 im guessing.(because of the time it takes!) and the smaller bits from £15 +.
Please let me know your views

juliandbv Tue 30-Oct-07 18:02:29

Hi. i do this for a living, and started small just like your thinking of doing. I now have a, shop, and website and sell kids clothing, toys, craft kits, and handmade and painted furniture. I started on ebay three years ago. So yes it is something mums want, but dont under cut yourself, because at the end of the day its your hard work and time. I started selling toyboxes at £25, now i sell them from £100 upto £400 a box, so i've learnt over time.
So good look, and if you want any advise then just ask.

fairyfay Tue 30-Oct-07 18:15:04

It's certainly somethoing that i'd be interested in as I have no artistic talent so couldn't do it myself. I can't be the only one...

Happymuppet Wed 31-Oct-07 19:17:37

Juliandbv thank u for that. Send me your website i would love to look - to see if im upto standard! lol. Yes your right it takes ages! i painted fancy A B C onto the base inside the toybox (which is removable) and its still not dry. The paint is a problem,im using acrylics and i have to wait for it to dry before i use another colour as they join into each other. Surely theres another system that allows you to paint all colours with no waiting - or is this how you do it!?
I have A level art but it was a long time i was at school!!!

loopyredangel Wed 31-Oct-07 22:21:28

Jumping on the bandwagon here, I too have been contemplating this. I have done several childrens rooms, and started painting smaller items. Would love to see your work, and how to go about things properly juliandbv

oooggs Wed 31-Oct-07 22:30:18

julieandbv - your stuff is amazing smile just googled your shop and it is fantastic well done for making money out of something you enjoy

warthog Thu 01-Nov-07 08:06:06

website please!

oooggs Thu 01-Nov-07 13:04:07

I think this is it

Happymuppet Thu 01-Nov-07 21:05:49

I have just seen the website and oh my goodness how brilliant! Are the pieces of furniture what you have painted? Is there any copywright on painting items that are Disney etc. I have just painted Mickey Mouse onto a toy box inside base pannel and im wondering about getting into problems with copying Disney!

Im using acrylics - do they take this long to dry normally!? What do u use to draw your sketch first or do u paint straight onto the furniture and hope its all fine!

juliandbv Thu 23-Jul-09 18:09:30

Hi there
everyone sorry i did not reply to any of your post but have not being on mums net for sometime (Ages) yes that was our website but have updated since then, if you still want any advice please do feel free to ask and i promise to answer this timw.



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