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Breast Cancer Research Sparkly Guardian Angel

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Tillyboo Sun 21-Oct-07 20:26:51

I normally post on the 'Weekly Challenge' thread but I thought I'd share my Angel with you all before she goes off for sale at a fayre in aid of Breast Cancer Research.

She is here on my blog if anyone would like to take a peep.

I have no idea how much to ask for her but as long as she goes to a good home and gives someone pleasure then I am happy.


GreebosWhiskers Sun 21-Oct-07 22:16:41

She's gorgeous Tillyboo - have left a comment

Tillyboo Sun 21-Oct-07 22:47:45

Ah, thank-you !

tibuan Thu 16-Jul-09 15:00:10

You can expect everything you want. Good attitude always helps!
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