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Felting. Could a 1 armed person do it?

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Itsnotagazebo Wed 18-Nov-20 09:22:32

Sorry for bizarre question but looking for a gift for a relative who only has 1 arm. Is very able with the other arm (can knit). Wondered if a felting kit would be do-able?


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SoupDragon Wed 18-Nov-20 10:29:44

Needle felting? You do need to hold down the item somehow - I wonder if it could be pinned down somehow.

Wet felting I would have thought is entirely doable though.

AnemicWoman Wed 18-Nov-20 10:32:43

Needle felting needles are jagged so it would need to be held down with something sturdy but also able to turn in many directions. So not impossible but probably not easy.

raffle Wed 18-Nov-20 10:35:21

Needle felting would be really difficult, you need the ‘holding hand’ to do a lot of turning. How about loom knitting? I think that could be done one handed, and there are tons of patterns and ideas on line.

clairethewitch70 Wed 18-Nov-20 10:42:25

What about a diamond painting kit? If you go for needle felting a brush mat would make it a little easier

SoupDragon Wed 18-Nov-20 10:44:31

Some of the felting kits use a shaped polystyrene base that you needle felt the wool onto. They might be doable with one arm as there is less shaping and the polystyrene shape can probably be easily fixed to something.

Itsnotagazebo Wed 18-Nov-20 14:50:44

Thanks. I think I will steer away from that idea and check out some of your other ideas.

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