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Gifting projects that take up a fair yardage

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CorpusCallosum Mon 16-Nov-20 18:56:57

Next year we are planning on some extensive house renovations and I'm cutting down on stuff in the house. I have a stash of fabric I've accumulated and would like to use it up rather than recycle. It's predominantly upholstery type fabric, cotton and some synthetic.

I stopped dressmaking when DD came along as I just don't have the time to do it well. Can you guys come up with some gift ideas that are simple and take up a lot of fabric?

So far my ideas are:
- Table runner and napkins for DM
- Personalised embroidered cushions for DNieces
- Beeswax wraps for anyone everyone

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itsawonkydonkey Mon 16-Nov-20 19:09:09

I'd love a set of beautiful tea towels, please.

CorpusCallosum Mon 16-Nov-20 19:34:24

Deal! That is actually a brilliant idea, love you forever now!

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TheWoollybacksWife Mon 16-Nov-20 19:42:59

Bean bags?

Drawstring bags for packing shoes?

Sgtmajormummy Mon 16-Nov-20 19:47:19

What about
Drawstring Lego bags that turn into play mats.
Strips of fancy fabric along towels to make a matching set.
Fabric backed beach towel that folds into its own bag. Like a “quillow”.
Cushion covers.
Pump bags (showing my age!).
Reusable shopping bags. Lots of patterns online. I make them and offer them to people I see struggling at the checkout.
The Japanese folding cloth (forgotten the name) Knot it different ways to carry all sorts or use as pretty gift wrapping.

Sgtmajormummy Mon 16-Nov-20 19:53:35


Sgtmajormummy Mon 16-Nov-20 20:07:40

If you’re planning on moving house, I recommend making your own version of the Blue IKEA Bag. They’re basically a big rectangle (120 x 100?) of strong fabric with a square cut from each corner and cotton tape for the handles.

Brilliant for bundling up soft toys or clothes that don’t need a protective box. And much easier to lift.
DC1 now uses them for traveling to/from digs as they fold down to nothing.

nicknamehelp Mon 16-Nov-20 20:17:03

rag wreaths I made last year went down well

AdaColeman Mon 16-Nov-20 20:29:26

Drawstring bags for packing shoes in when travelling.
Slip on cushion covers.
Shopping bags, especially if you can incorporate a tube shaped inside pocket to keep a wine bottle upright (it doesn't need to be fixed to the base of the bag).

CorpusCallosum Mon 16-Nov-20 20:29:44

Brilliant ideas everyone, those mats that whip up into a bag would be perfect for my DB and DSIL, their daughters leave stuff everywhere 👏

@nicknamehelp do you have a link to a pattern or tutorial for the rag wreaths? I have some lovely tweed that would make a nice wreath maybe for other DSIL 😃

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Sgtmajormummy Tue 17-Nov-20 07:47:18

Pillowcases are always the first part of a bed set to go. If you Google “burrito cuffed pillowcase” they take 15 minutes and with a small amount of character print look very impressive.
I made some with “Hipster Barber” patchwork fabric for an older nephew as a housewarming present.

MumbleJunction Tue 17-Nov-20 07:51:37

Oooh I'm on the same mission, unfortunately I've been given loads of scratchy polyester!

VanillaSpiceCandle Fri 20-Nov-20 12:25:31

Any type of quilt uses a phenomenal amount. I’m always surprised at how much I need. Table runners are also good and you could use a wide variety depending on decor or seasons.

CorpusCallosum Fri 20-Nov-20 15:04:44

Thanks @VanillaSpiceCandle quilting is a good idea, I've only done patchwork quilts before which were time consuming but just quilting up some fabric would be a great idea.

I've just ordered some beeswax for the wraps, I asked DM if she'd like some and turns out she's bought some for Christmas stockings - d'oh! 🤦‍♀️

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VanillaSpiceCandle Fri 20-Nov-20 15:14:53

I have the opposite problem! Not enough fabric for projects. Often run out halfway through. Yes I should have said I do patchwork/traditional quilting and it takes so long!

HasaDigaEebowai Fri 20-Nov-20 15:18:41

pretty facemasks are obviously needed by everyone atm

StillWeRise Sat 21-Nov-20 20:54:29

washable sanpro grin

Searchesforhipbones Sat 21-Nov-20 20:59:38

Laundry bags for travelling - big rectangle with simple drawstring - are so useful! Lovely with a couple of smaller ones that can be used for shoes or undies.

PickAChew Sat 21-Nov-20 22:22:00

Storage baskets

Simple ones
Really nifty IKEA compatible folding ones
More complex with handles and pockets. There's a similar one to this on one of the sewing magazine websites, iirc

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