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IFeelTheNeedTheNeedForSleep Sun 25-Oct-20 23:52:10

Hi everyone
I'm trying to knit my little one a hat and it's been some time since I let knitted so my head has gone a bit blank. I've just finished a 2x2 rib band and now I'm increasing the number of stitches in the next row. It says:

Rib (1:3:4), pick up loop between last and next st and work into the back of this loop (this will now be referred to as m1), (rib [3:3:5],m1) [4:4:7] times, (rib 4, m1) [13:14:5] times, (rib [3:3:5], m1 [4:4:7] times, rib [1:3:4], [100:109:118] sts

I'm making the 3rd size. What I'm confused with is where it says rib (1:3:4) does it mean I rib 4 stitches (so k2,p2) or is is (k2,p2g 4 times?


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pippistrelle Mon 26-Oct-20 10:36:14

It's quite a confusing pattern, especially the reference to 13 and 14 times for the smaller sizes, but for the third size, this is how it reads to me:

K2, P2, make 1,
K2, P2, K1, make 1 seven times
K2, P2, make 1 five times
K2, P2, K1, make 1 seven times
K2, P2

To be honest, I wouldn't worry too much about it if you're moving on to a stocking stitch section now, just make sure you increase evenly across the row and end up with 118 stitches.

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